Monday, March 28, 2011

Love in the Afternoon(1957).

Love in the Afternoon(1957). Romantic/comedy produced and directed by Billy Wilder. The screenplay by Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond is based on the Claude Anet novel Ariane, jeune fille russe (trans., Ariane, Russian Girl), which previously was filmed as Scampolo in 1928 and Scampolo, ein Kind der Strasse, in 1932, the latter with a script co-written by Wilder.

Ariane Chavasse, is eavesdropping on a conversation between her father, private detective Claude Chavasse and his client, "Monsieur X". After learning of his wife's affair with Frank Flannagan, Monsieur X says he plans to shoot Flannagan later that day. When Ariane cannot get the police to go warn him, she decides to go tell him herself.

When Monsieur X breaks into Flannagan's hotel suite, he finds Flannagan with Ariane, not his wife. Flannagan wonders why girl, refuses to give him her name. So.. he decides to call her the, "thin girl". She pretends to be a femme fatale to interest him. She agrees to meet him the next afternoon and ends up becoming his lover for the evening until his plane leaves.

After a year, Flannagan returns to Paris. The two meet by chance at an opera and start seeing each other again. This time, she comes up with stories of imaginary lovers based on her father's files. Flannagan, is not to sure whether he believes her or not. Flannagan, decides to hire Ariane's own father to investigate. It does not take long for Chavasse, to realize the mystery woman is Ariane. He informs his client that his daughter made up her love life. Will Flannagan, return to Paris or will he stay and marry Ariane?

Video: a favorite scene from the film.

One of the things thing I loved about this film was the beautiful, black and white photography. At first the age difference is obvious, with Cooper seemingly mis-cast as a womanizer, but, I dunno.. he is so sweet that he kind of grows on you. Hepburn, gives one of one of her best performances. The song "Fascination" is wonderful addition to the film. The ending, has a cute narration epilogue by, Chevalier.


  1. Dawn,
    When she is chasing that train after him and he finally pulls her up into the car, there is no better love scene than that on film!

  2. Audrey is totally delightful here. (Then again, she's pretty much always a delight!!) But the movie is a bit painful for me to watch. You see, I'm rather in love with Coop (he's a smidge behind William Holden, who is my absolute #1 guy), and this movie saddens me a bit, because I don't think he aged well at all. All Coop's movies from the mid 50's on, though I watch them and even REALLY like some of them (They Came to Cordura and Man of the West, especially), just serve to remind me that he was in poor health and wouldn't be making movies much longer.

    I wish my faves could have stayed 40 years old forever...except for Cary Grant, who looked even better in his 50's and 60's.

  3. I forgot to tell you...I am a new follower. I found your blog through another classic movie blog I follow. Not sure which one right now, since I follow several.

  4. Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl, I was so happy when he pulled her up on the moving train with him..((sigh)).

    Patti, Welcome! I'm so glad that you found us. I hope that you enjoy your stay. :)

    I agree.. Audrey, is wonderful in this film, sometimes a little too chatty.. ;)

    I'm also, a huge Gary Cooper fan. He was so handsome and I loved his personality. He seemed to have a great sense of humor. The only time in the film, Love in the Afternoon, where I really saw his age was in the boat scene.

    Cary Grant, is another actor that seemed to have great sense of humor.

  5. I'm planning a William Holden birthday tribute, later in the month. I hope you get a chance to see it.


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