Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Jean Harlow Blogathon: Feb. 28, 2011- March 6, 2011.

Noir and Chick Flick, is planning a month long tribute to Jean Harlow.

Thank you Carley, from The Kitty Packard Pictorial, for inviting me. I am very happy to be part of the blogathon.

Suzy(1936). Cast: Jean Harlow, Franchot Tone and Cary Grant. The film was written by Dorothy Parker and directed by George Fitzmaurice. The theme song, "Did I Remember?", was sung by Sylvia Froos.

The story begins when, Suzy is bumped by a expensive car and the man inside the car offers to drive her home. She soon finds out that he is the inventor, Terry Moore. Suzy, goes to work with him every night, while he works on his new invention, an airplane stabilizer. When his boss Mrs. Schmidt catches him working on his invention, she tells them to leave. Suzy then hears Mrs. Schmidt and some other people talking in German, but does not understand what they are saying. Schmidt, is now worried that Terry knows that they are spies and offers him a job as plant manager for his silence. Terry proposes to Suzy and they quickly marry. Hot on their heals, is Mrs. Schmidt's female spy, who shoots Terry. When Suzy's neighbor calls the police to report that she killed him, she runs away to Paris, to see her friend Maisie and lands a job as a singer.

She soon meets Andre Charville, an "ace" flyer and they fall in love that night and get married. When, Andre takes her home to meet his father, the Baron Charville, he is not to happy with the marriage. When Andre's leave is over, Suzy stays at his father's house, where she soon wins over the baron and they become fast friends. When Andre, is honored as a war hero, it becomes obvious that he has been having affair with, Madame Diane Eyrelle. When Andre, returns to the front, Suzy pretends to be happy.

Back, in England, Terry, who was only wounded in the shooting, has become a successful inventor of the stabilizer. He is asked to fly some planes over to Andre, not knowing that he is now married to Suzy. Andre, has been wounded and when Suzy goes to visit him and she and Terry run into each other in the hospital, but they pretend not to know each other. When she goes back to Andre's room, she sees him kissing another woman, but does not recognise, Mme. Eyrelle. When Terry meets Mme. Eyrelle, they also do not recognise each other, until Suzy sees a picture of Mme. Eyrelle, in a magazine and she now knows she is the woman at Mrs. Schmidt's factory. Will Suzy and Terry join forces and expose the spy ring?

What a wonderful performance by Jean Harlow, with her glowing screen presence. Franchot Tone and Cary Grant, also give solid performances and Grant, has a couple wonderful scenes, in which he sings.


  1. I know Cary Grant wasn't a big star yet when he made "Suzy," but this singing bit is a great example of his comedic flair - and the stardom that was just around the corner for him with the hilarioius screwball "The Awful Truth" in 1937.

  2. Can wait to watch some of Jean on TCM. Great post!

  3. The Lady Eve, Seeing a early Cary Grant performances, is one of the reasons that I wanted to watch the film Suzy. love it!!

    Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl, I'm really looking forward to Tuesdays this month. It is going to be Greeeat!!

  4. Thanks for the post ... I need to look for this one!

  5. Classicfilmboy, I think that you will really enjoy seeing it for the first time.


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