Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday: Jean Harlow!

After moving to Los Angeles, Harlean became friends with Rosalie Roy, a young actress. Roy asked Harlean if she would drive her to Fox Studios for an appointment.

While she was sitting in the car waiting for her friend Harlean was noticed by Fox executives, where Harlean told them that she was not interested. Rosalie Roy made a bet with Harlean that she did not have the nerve to go back and audition. Not wanting to lose a bet, Harlean drove to Central Casting and signed in under her mother's maiden name, Jean Harlow.

Fun Fact: Had two famous superstitions: She always wore a lucky ankle chain on her left leg, which is visible in some films if you look closely and had a lucky mirror in her dressing room. She wouldn't leave the room without first looking in it.


  1. Good post on "The Baby." I knew of the ankle bracelet, but not the mirror. She was one who was gone too soon :(

  2. Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl, Thank you. I know... very sad.


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