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Key To The City(1950).

Key To The City(1950). Romantic comedy film. Cast: Clark Gable and Loretta Young. This was the second (and final) time that Gable and Young performed together in a film, the first being in the 1935 film, Call of the Wild.

The story begins, during a convention of the nation's mayors in San Francisco, Steve mistakes Clarissa for Sheila, his balloon dancer date for the evening, which insults Clarissa. Clarissa, forgives Steve's mistake and they soon develop a close friendship.

Steve's friend, Puget City fire chief Duggan, warns Steve that Henshaw, a crooked Puget City council member, is waging a campaign against him and that he should avoid any bad publicity while in San Francisco.

Steve holds an informal committee meeting with other mayors and their wives at the Blue Duck nightclub in Chinatown, The festivities come to a end when Steve sets off a huge fight. Clarissa tries to stop the fight by playing the piano and singing the song "San Francisco," but Steve insists that she leave the club before the police get there.

Unfortunately, Steve and Clarissa are arrested in a police raid. Police sergeant Hogan, tries to keep the matter quiet, but, as Clarissa leaves the station, a photographer takes her picture in front of a "Sobriety Test" room.

Though the picture causes problems for her in her hometown of Wenonah, Clarissa's uncle, Judge Silas Standish, is happy to see her having a good time.

As luck would have it, Clarissa and Steve are arrested on the street dressed as children for a costume party, but are soon released. While Steve and Clarissa ride back to the hotel in a taxi, the taxi swerves to miss some people and the two are thrown into each other's arms. During a romantic walk down the foggy streets of Telegraph Hill, Clarissa and Steve, fall in love and they make plans to marry. The engagement is soon called off, when Steve accuses Clarissa of being ashamed of his background. Steve, soon learns that Henshaw plans to override his veto of a pork barrel construction contract, Steve decides to leave the convention and return to Puget City. Clarissa, is heartbroken when she sees Sheila enter Steve's room.

Will Steve arrive in time to make sure his veto is not overridden and then save his relationship with, Clarissa?

This is one of those classic/funny/romance films staring Clark Gable, who is as charming as always and you can see the wonderful chemistry he has with, Loretta Young.

Fun Fact: The scenes that are supposed to be in Chinatown, really were filmed in Chinatown Los Angeles. Production also included interiors of the "Rice Bowl" restaurant as well as the bar areas. They were not sets on a Hollywood stage, but the real locations.

Final film of Frank Morgan.

Marilyn Maxwell (August 3, 1921 – March 20, 1972), best known for being a sexy blond she performed in several films and radio programs, and entertained the troops during World War II and the Korean War on USO tours with Bob Hope.

She started her professional entertaining career as a radio singer while still a teenager before signing with MGM in 1942 as a contract player. One of her first performances was in, The Abbott and Costello Show. Some of her other film roles include: Lost in a Harem (1944), Champion (1949), The Lemon Drop Kid (1951)and Rock-A-Bye Baby (1958).

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