Monday, February 21, 2011

Great On Screen Couples: Myrna Loy and Cary Grant.

With Cary Grant's, talent for making the wildest situations seem believable, combined with Myrna Loy's charm and elegance, they complement each others performances, like in the wonderful comedy films: The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947). Comedy. Directed by Irving Reis. The screenplay was written by Sidney Sheldon. The story begins when seventeen-year-old Susan Turner, who develops a school girl crush on Richard Nugent, a handsome bachelor who gives a lecture on art at her high school. Susan's uncle, a psychiatrist, manages to talk him into playing along with Susan, hoping that she will soon become bored.

When his efforts fail, he throws himself into the charade hoping Susan's older sister Margaret will put an end to the affair. The film ends with Nugent and Margaret falling in love and Susan returning to her high school sweetheart, Jerry.

Myrna Loy and Cary Grant,second paring, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House(1948). Comedy. Directed by H.C. Potter. It was an adaptation of Eric Hodgins' 1946 novel.

The story begins with Jim Blandings, a account executive in the advertising business, who lives with his wife Muriel and two daughters, in a very small New York apartment. One morning, Jim Blandings, comes across an ad for new homes in Connecticut, seeing how expensive they are they decide on a "fixer upper" house, in Connecticut. Which turns out to be a dilapidated, two hundred-year-old farmhouse. Blandings purchases the property for more than than it is really worth. It turns out that the old house, has to be torn down. The Blandings hire architect to design and supervise the construction of their new home.

The nightmare begins with the well being drilled by Mr. Tesander, who has to go deeper and deeper looking for water, while just days later the contractors accidentally find water while digging the basement for the house, making the earlier drilling a costly waste of time. With no windows installed and the floors freshly varnished they move into their new home.

If that is not enough Jim, has been trying to come up with a slogan for "WHAM". Jim also wonders what is going on between his wife Muriel and his best friend Bill Cole, who spends a night alone together in the house during a violent thunderstorm. With all the expenses and his new assignment, Jim starts to wonder why he wanted to live in the country, in the first place...Will the house ever be finished?

Mr. Blandings Builds his Own House" is a wonderfully funny comedy. Cary Grant is hilarious in the role of a man who wants the American Dream of owning his own home..

Wings In The Dark(1935), is a drama which will remind you a little of, Amelia Earhart and an aeronautical inventor who fall in love. Grant's character does not really care for Loy's character as a circus stunt flier. Loy, tells him that the kind of flying she does, is all that is available to her and she is proving to the world, that women can also fly planes. During an accident Cary goes blind and he gives his plane the ultimate test. The film Wings In The Dark, is a wonderful glimpse of both stars in their earlier years.


  1. I believe Amelia Earhart dropped by the set of "Wings In The Dark" and had her picture taken with Myrna and Cary. (Interesting that Loy played an aviatrix in several films, such as "Too Hot To Handle" with Clark Gable.)

    In Myrna's autobiography, she noted that in the mid-1930s, she was all set to take a plane east to eventually meet up with producer/boyfriend Arthur Hornblow in London when Leland Heyward suggested she wait a day or two because of weather conditions. The plane Loy had planned to take crashed, leaving no survivors.

  2. VP81955, Thank you for sharing the wonderful back story on the film, Wings In The Dark.

    Myrna, was lucky lady not to be on the plane that crashed.

  3. Grant and Loy did make a great couple. My favorite of theirs is The Bachelor and The Bobby Soxer but Mr. Blandings is close behind that as well. Just a terrific couple. Great post Dawn.


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