Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Come and Get It (1936).

Come and Get It (1936), Drama film directed by Howard Hawks and William Wyler. Based on the 1935 novel of the same title by Edna Ferber. Cast: Edward Arnold, Mary Nash, Charles Halton, Frances Farmer and Joel McCrea.

The story is about how a lumber jack manager, by the name Barney Glasgow, climbs to the top of the logging industry. Barney and his best friend Swan, go to a saloon to celebrate where they meet singer, Lotta Morgan. Lotta and Barney fall in love but, Barney decides to and marry Emma Louise, the daughter of his boss Jed Hewett, to further his career. Lotta then marries Swan, whom she says is the kindest man in the world.

Many years later, his son Richard objects to his father destroying forests without planting new trees. Barney visits his old friend Swan Bostrom, who married Lotta after Barney left. Swan is now a widower raising his daughter on his own, also named Lotta, who looks exactly like her mother. Barney finds himself falling in love with the young woman and offers to pay for her education. Things become complicated when the son Richard meets Lotta and they fall in love...

I thought Frances Farmer's, performance was amazing how she played the saloon singer and the young daughters part. Joel McCrea's, performance is perfect and you can see how he would soon become a major Hollywood star.

Fun Fact:

Walter Brennan won the very first Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as Swan Bostrom. In the span of four years (1936-40), Brennan won a then-unprecedented three acting Oscars, also for "Kentucky" (1938) and "The Westerner" (1940). Unmatched, until Katharine Hepburn won her third Best Actress award for 1968's "The Lion in Winter". Brennan's Oscar success was seen as largely due in part to the fact that the Screen Extras Guild consistently voted for him, as Brennan had been an extra for many years until his breakout success as one of Hollywood's most respected character actors.

Frances Farmer (September 19, 1913 – August 1, 1970). Farmer studied drama at the University of Washington.

During the 1930's. Farmer stopped in New York City, looking for a theater career. Instead, she was referred to Paramount Pictures talent scout, Oscar Serlin, who arranged for a screen test. Paramount offered her a 7-year contract. Farmer signed it on her 22nd birthday and moved to Hollywood.

She had top billing in two 1936 "B" movies. She married actor Leif Erickson, while filming the movie, Too Many Parents. Later that year, Farmer was cast opposite Bing Crosby in, Rhythm on the Range.

She was loaned to Samuel Goldwyn to perform in the film, Come and Get It(1936).

Wanting to be considered a more serious actress, she left Hollywood in 1937 to do summer stock in Westchester, New York. There she caught the attention of director Harold Clurman . He invited her to perform in the Group Theatre production of Odets' play, Golden Boy. Where her performance at first received mixed reviews.

Later, she returned to Hollywood and arranged with Paramount to make motion pictures, who in turned loaned her out to other studios for a starring role opposite Tyrone Power in the film, Son of Fury.

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