Thursday, January 27, 2011

Video from the silent film:Torrent(1926). Pictures of Greta Garbo .

Torrent (1926). Romantic/drama/silent film, directed by Monta Bell. Based on a novel by Vicente Blasco Ibanez.

Torrent was the first American film starring Swedish actress Greta Garbo. The film also starred Ricardo Cortez.

The title refers to a flood that occurs in the small town where most of the action takes place, which brings the couple together.

Fun fact:

Joel McCrea doubled for Greta Garbo in a horse-riding scene.

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  1. Garbo us unbelievably sexy in this film - just before she became so remote.

  2. Thats amazing.....Joel McCrea doubled for Greta Garbo !!

  3. FlickChick, I hope to see this film soon. I just love the lighting.

    Paul, Joel McCrea doubleing for Greta Garbo, is another reason why I want to see this film. It is amazing.

  4. Dawn, thanks for posting this video clip. I love the hues used throughout the film.

  5. Silent, your welcome. Thank you for sharing your review here with us.


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