Friday, January 28, 2011

Silent Film Star: Gertrude Olmstead .

Gertrude Olmstead (November 13, 1897 – January 18, 1975). Appeared in 56 films between 1920 and 1929. Her first credited film role was in the film, The Fox(1921). Today her best known role is, opposite Rudolph Valentino in the film, Cobra(1925). Valentino plays Count Rodrigo Torriani, an Italian noble, who  has a weakness for women. The production of Cobra was troubled by production costs. Also, Paramont Pictures , was unhappy with the final film and believing it would flop, held off releasing it until Valentino appeared in a more successful picture. When the film, Cobra was released in late 1925, it proved to be Valentino's comeback feature. Video: 1 of 8.

After sound films became popular her career faded and she retired from acting in 1929. In 1926, she met MGM director Robert Z. Leonard, and they were married June 8 of that year. Leonard and Olmstead remained married until his death in 1968.


Tipped Off (1920)
The Driftin' Kid (1921)
Sweet Revenge (1921)
Kickaroo (1921)
The Fightin' Fury (1921)
Out o' Luck (1921)
The Fox (1921)
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1922)
The Loaded Door (1922)
Cameo Kirby (1923)
The Monster (1925)
Cobra (1925)
The Boob (1926)
Becky (1927)
Torrent (1926)
The Show of Shows (1929)
Sonny Boy (1929)

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