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Page Miss Glory (1935).

Page Miss Glory (1935). Romantic comedy. Cast: Marion Davies, Pat O'Brien, Mary Astor and Dick Powell. It was based on the play of the same name by Joseph Schrank and Phillip Dunning.

Small town girl Loretta Dalrymple, arrives in New York City and finds a job as a chambermaid in a luxurious hotel. Also, staying at the hotel is con man Wiley and his photographer partner Ed Olsen, who are three weeks behind on their hotel bill. Click and Ed, come up with a plan, to put together a picture of a beautiful woman, by combining the best features of several Hollywood beauties and enter the picture as "Dawn Glory" in a nationwide beauty contest for the $2500 prize. Which they win.

Bingo Nelson a pilot, immediately falls in love when he sees her picture. After flying a serum to Alaska through a blizzard, he proposes to Dawn on national radio. As a result, reporters want to interview Miss Glory, putting Click in a tough spot. Slattery of the Express digs up Click's checkered past to try to blackmail him into giving him an interview. Ed's girlfriend Gladys Russell finds Loretta trying on a dress delivered for Dawn. Earlier in the day, Loretta had her hair styled in the new hairdo called, "Dawn's bobb". Gladys and Ed think that she looks a lot like the "picture" and decide to pass off Loretta as Dawn. Soon, advertising endorsements and royalties come rolling in, making Click and Ed rich.

Meanwhile, Loretta has fallen in love with a newspaper picture of Bingo. Now, that she is famous she hopes she will meet Russell and when she does.. the troubles begin.

Marion Davies, shines in this fun film from beginning to end. Dick Powell, Mary Astor and Patsy Kelly, are all wonderful. This one of Davies' last pictures and she was pushing 40, but.. she is brave to play half the film as the dowdy country girl. Davies was a star for 20 years and made the switch to talkies.

Patsy Kelly (January 12, 1910 – September 24, 1981). Kelly, like many New York actors, made her screen debut in a Vitaphone short subject filmed there. Producer Hal Roach hired Kelly to co-star with Thelma Todd in a series of short-subject comedies. The Todd-Kelly shorts created Patsy Kelly's image: a brash, wisecracking woman. Later, in the series showcased Kelly's dancing skills. Thelma Todd died in 1935, and Kelly finished out the series.

Patsy Kelly then moved into feature films, often playing working-class character roles in comedies and musicals. One of her memorable roles was as Etta, the cook, in the five Academy Awards-nominated comedy, Merrily We Live(1938).

On television she performed in shows: The Man from U.N.C.L.E, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Wild Wild West, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. She also made a memorable performance as Laura-Louise in the film, Rosemary's Baby (1968).

Kelly performed as the housekeeper Mrs. Schmauss in the film, Freaky Friday(1976). Her final movie performance was in the Disney comedy, The North Avenue Irregulars(1979).

Patsy Kelly movies I have seen:
1935 Page Miss Glory.
1938 There Goes My Heart.
1938 The Cowboy and the Lady.
1941 Topper Returns.
1960 Please Don't Eat the Daisies.
1968 Rosemary's Baby.


  1. Marion is always pure joy - and never looked lovelier!

  2. FlickChick, Love your name. We have a couple more things in common.. I love the movie, Sunset Boulevard and I'm also a Virgo.


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