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Father Takes a Wife (1941).

Father Takes a Wife (1941). Cast: Adolphe Menjou, Gloria Swanson, John Howard and Desi Arnaz .

Shipping magnate Frederick Senior Osborne, enters his sons office one day and announces that he is turning the business over to him and plans to marry actress, Leslie Collier.

Later that night when he and his wife Enid meet Leslie, they talk about Senior and Leslie's age difference.

After dinner, the Osbornes attend Leslie's farewell stage performance, where Senior becomes jealous over the attentions of Leslie's leading man.

During their honeymoon cruise to Mexico, they discover a stowaway, singer, Carlos Bardez. Feeling sorry for the impoverished Carlos, Senior offers to help him.

Once the three arrive home, Leslie appoints herself Carlos' impresario, which the Senior is not to happy about.

On the night of Carlos' debut, Leslie comes home very late, angry Senior decides to move in with Junior and Enid. Trying to help, Junior invites Carlos to move in with him and Enid. Things don't go as planned when Leslie moves out of the house and refuses to speak to Senior.

Meanwhile, at Juniors house, same thing happens when Enid takes over the role of Carlos' impresario and Junior leaves in a jealous rage, on the night of Carlos' concert. Father and son then plan to rid themselves of Carlos once and for all, by sending him on a sixty-five city concert tour.

Soon after, at their doctor's office, Enid and Leslie meet and both learn that they are pregnant. What will happen next?

Swanson, looks gorgeous her beautiful clothes and I thought she gave a wonderful performance. Menjou, is very believable playing the jealous spouse.  Arnaz gives a fun performance.

This film did remind me a little of one of my favorite films, SUNSET BLVD.

Trivia buffs may want to watch for unbilled performances by Loretta Young's ex-husband Grant Withers (as Judge Waters) and Ginger Rogers' future husband Jack Briggs (Menjou's chauffeur).

FATHER TAKES A WIFE, deserves at least one viewing for the chance to see Gloria Swanson, in a "talkie".

Gloria Swanson

Florence Rice (February 14, 1907 – February 23, 1974), became an actress during the early 1930s and after several Broadway roles, eventually made her way to Hollywood.

Rice was cast at first as the reliable girlfriend. During the 1930s, MGM gradually provided her with more substantial roles.

Rice never became a major figure in films, but performed in a number of screen pairings with Robert Young.

Her best known  performances are in the films: Double Wedding (1937), Sweethearts (1938) and At The Circus (1939).

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