Sunday, October 10, 2010

Michelle Pfeiffer "Looks Like" Jeanne Crain

Jeanne Crain (May 1925 - December 2003) Star of such films as State Fair, Home In Indiana, Leave Her To Heaven, Pinky, and A Letter To Three Wives.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer (born April 29th, 1958) and star of such films as The Witches of Eastwick, Batman Returns, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Scarface, Dangerous Liaisons, and Married To The Mob


  1. It's nice to see my favourite actress Michelle Pfeiffer getting a mention on Noir And Chick Flicks, thanks Monty.
    Theres a definate resemblance there so I'm going to be watching out for some Jeanne Crain movies in the future.

  2. Monty, Michelle Pfeiffer does "look like" Jeanne Crain. Good chose.:)

  3. I see a resemblance, but still think Jeanne Crain is prettier :)


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