Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Amanda's Survey!

I thought it would be fun to fill out Amanda's survey from her fun blog.  I decided to post my answers to her survey here on N and CF. If you would also like to fill out the survey, click on the link to Amanda's blog listed below:

1. What is your favorite movie starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, excluding all of The Thin Man films?

Libeled Lady (1936). Cast: Jean Harlow, William Powell (who were romantically involved at the time), Myrna Loy and Spencer Tracy. The movie was written by George Oppenheimer, Howard Emmett Rogers, Wallace Sullivan and Maurine Dallas Watkins. Directed by Jack Conway. The film was remade as Easy to Wed (1946) with Esther Williams, Van Johnson, and Lucille Ball.

2. Great one-shot film team.

Katherine Hepburn and John Wayne, in the film.. Rooster Cogburn(1975). Loved the banter between these two older characters. This movie is the sequel to the film, True Grit(1969).

3. Best Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers film?

Flying Down to Rio (1933). Best known for being the first screen pairing of Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers. Astaire and Rogers were not the stars of the film, Dolores Del Rio and Gene Raymond were top-billed.

4. Favorite "Robert"?

Robert Mitchum.

5. An actor/actress who, when you see one of their movies, you always wish that someone else was in his/her role?
Mickey Rooney.

6. An actor/actress that someone close to you really loves that you can't stand or vice versa?
I really do not care for, Arnold Schwarzenegger. My husband seems to like all of his films.

7. An actor/actress that you both agree on completely?
To name a couple, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.

8. Virginia O'Brien is to Ethel Merman as...
 Anna Nicole Smith to Zsa Zsa Gabor

9. Favorite Ray Milland?

Dial M for Murder(1954). Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Ray Milland plays a retired tennis pro who makes plans to have his wife killed. Grace Kelly plays the wife.

10. Favorite movie of the 1960s?

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961). Cast:Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard, Patricia Neal, Buddy Ebsen, Martin Balsam, and Mickey Rooney. It was loosely based on the novel of the same name by Truman Capote. Hepburn's portrayal of Holly Golightly as the naive, eccentric woman is generally considered to be the actress's most memorable role. Hepburn's performance of "Moon River" helped composer Henry Mancini and lyricist Johnny Mercer win an Oscar for Best Song.

11. An actor/actress that you would take out of one film and put into a different movie that was released the same year?

I would like to take Gene Tierney out of the film( pictured above)Tobacco Road(1941) and put into the movie, High Sierra (1941). Film noir written by W.R. Burnett and John Huston from the novel by Burnett. Cast: Ida Lupino and Humphrey Bogart and was directed by Raoul Walsh on location at Whitney Portal, Mount Whitney.

12. Favorite of Robert Montgomery's leading ladies?

Carole Lombard

13. You think it would have been a disaster if what movie starred the actor/actress who was originally asked to star in it?

14. An actor/actress who you will watch in any or almost any movie?

Michelle Pfeiffer.

15. Your favorite Leslie Howard film and role?

Gone With The Wind.

16. Four Barbara Stanwyck films?
Double Indemnity, Meet John Doe, Sorry Wrong number, Executive Suite.

17. Perfect comedy? Why?

Bell Book Candle. Kim Novak, at the peak of her career and plays a beautiful witch. (James Stewart) moves in upstairs, and the trouble.. I mean, the fun begins. Great cast of comic actors very entertaining and a huge contrast to Novak and Stewart's earlier pairing (the same year) in Hitchcock's "Vertigo". I think it is worth seeing.

18. You will brook no criticism of what film?

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir(1947). Is about a young widow who rents a Cottage, near a fishing village. The cottage is haunted by the ghost of a sea captain.

19. Favorite Irish actress?

Maureen O'Hara

20. Favorite 1940s Ginger Rogers?

The Major and the Minor. A woman disguises herself as a young girl to save on a train fare and is taken in charge by an army man who doesn't notice the truth.

21. Do you enjoy silent movies?
Yes, Please check out my blog:).

22. Favorite Bette Davis film?

Dark Victory. A socialite is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, and must decide how to live in her final days.

23. Favorite onscreen Hollywood couple?

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

24. Favorite Hollywood costume designer?

Edith Head.

25. Favorite tough action film?

Rio Bravo. The film was shot at Old Tucson Studios, just outside Tucson, Arizona. Rio Bravo is best known as one of Hawk's best films.

26. You are currently gaining a greater appreciation for which actor(s)/actress(es)?

Barbra Stanwyck

27. Franchot Tone: yes or no?

28. Underrated actors and/or actresses?

Spring Byington

29. Overrated actors and/or actresses?
Mickey Rooney

30. Favorite actor?

Clark Gable

31. Favorite actress?

Gene Tierney

32. Coolest?
Steve McQueen

33. Favorite movie from each of these genres:
Comedy: The Egg and I
Swashbuckler: The Adventures Of Robin Hood
Film noir: Leave Her To Heaven
Musical: Singin' In The Rain
Holiday: Christmas In Connecticut
Hitchcock: Vertigo


  1. A great set of answers Dawn, especially Number 14, Michelle Pfeiffer !!

  2. Awesome Dawn! I love how you included photos and video to compliment your answers.

  3. Dawn this was great fun! I think I might take that test myself. I couldn't help but think of my little reverie blog about The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. You said you will brook no criticism about it. Well, neither will I. I love that movie beyond rationality. Hope you weren't incensed about my thinking the night I wrote about it. I was in a funk and trying to get back to reality, which my sister helped me do! I really love your posts, Dawn. Keep it going, girl!

  4. I love reading everyone's answers! You've got some great ones!

  5. Thank you everyone! I can not wait to read your replies to Amanda's survey.

    Monty, Thank you for holding down the fort, while I was getting my computer fixed.

    Becky, I also love reading your wonderful blog, including your post on, Ghost and Mrs. Muir. One of the most romantic love stories on film.


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