Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Age of Innocence(1993). They dared to break the rules.

The Age of Innocence (1993). Director: Martin Scorsese. Cast: Daniel-Day-Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder. It is from the book of the same name. The film won an Academe Award for Best Costume Design.

THE AGE OF INNOCENCE is my favorite Martin Scorsese film. And the film that got me hooked on "Period Films". The story is about Newland Archer an affluent New York lawyer of the 1870s, engaged to May Welland, a beautiful socialite. Newland begins to question the life he has planned for himself after the arrival of May’s cousin, the sophisticated Countess Ellen Olenska . Ellen wants a divorce from her abusive husband, a Polish count, which has made her a social outcast. Her family is concerned that her divorce will give the family a bad name. As Newland love grows for Ellen, he convinces her not to go forward with the divorce. He becomes disappointed with society and the idea of entering into a loveless marriage with May. He struggles with whether he will follow his family's wishes, or follow his own heart.

I was amazed at the wonderful attention to details Martin Scorsese showed in the film. I thought it was amazing how he brought out the hidden emotion of his characters. One of my favorite scenes is when Newland Archer (Daniel Day-Lewis) waits for the Countess Olenska at her home, looking at the paintings on the wall, and her small collection of treasures from around the world. Through what he sees and what he touches he sees the Countess in his mind. Then we hear the arrival of a carriage, he still seems to be under her spell.((((sigh))) I love this movie.

I loved all the beautiful 1870’s Victorian costumes. Filmed in New York, with a few scenes in St. Augustine (Florida) and Paris.

Click to view The Age of Innocence, in full.


  1. I just love this movie too, Dawn. There are so many layers to the story and so much romance (sigh). Joanne Woodward's voiceover remarks was a perfect touch. And just for shear beauty, the movie is one of a kind. The perfection of everything from clothes to table settings was breathtaking and evoked the lives of the rich in this era in every detail. Good stuff!

  2. Great blog!!
    I'm new to blogging so I've only just come across your blog but it's nice to read such a good review of Age Of Innocence which is one of my favourite Pfeiffer pfilms.
    I've recently started my own movie related blog but I've got a long way to go judging by the standard of this one.

  3. I'm sure this post was the reason that I first ever visited N&CF.
    I was reminded by your choice of films over on my most recent post. The Age Of Innocence is a delight isn't it?
    I've added your selections to my article and I've even made you a banner.
    I hope you like it!

  4. Paul, That is so kind of you. I will run over and check it out..


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