Friday, May 21, 2010

Robert Montgomery and Norma Shear.

Robert Montgomery, was most often paired with glamorous Norma Shearer. They co-starred in five films between 1929 and 1934; their best teaming were "The Divorcee" (1930) and "Private Lives" (1931).

Robert Montgomery and Norma Shear list of films:

1.Their Own Desire(1929).
A young woman is heartbroken that her father is divorcing her mother in to marry another woman. Her own feelings change, however, when she falls in love with a young man who turns out to be the son of her father's other woman.

2.The Divorcee (1930).
Chester Morris plays a roving husband who has a affair with another woman—and tells his wife it does not mean "a thing". When his wife, Norma Shearer, sets out to having her own affair with his best friend, the husband suddenly discovers that it might actually mean something after all.

3.Strangers May Kiss (1930).
Lisbeth, thinks that marriage is old fashioned. She has two men in her life; Steve, who wants to marry her and Alan, who wants her to travel with him. Even though her friends and family do not think it is a good idea. Lisbeth travels to Mexico with Alan where she is happy until she learns that he has a wife in Paris and that he is leaving for his next job without her. Heartbroken, she spends a few years in Europe being the life of the party. While her reputation is well known, her lifestyle has not made her happy.

4.Private Lives (1931).
Elyot Chase and Amanda Prynne, divorced and are not happy to learn they are both honeymooning with their new spouses at the same hotel on the French Riviera.

5.Rip Tide (1932).
Is about the life in high society. Mary who accidentally meets Lord Phillip Rexford at a party Mary marries him and settles into a comfortable life, only to find herself torn between her martial obligations as Lady of the manor and the more exciting life with playboy, Tommie Trent. What results is scandal.

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