Thursday, April 22, 2010

My "new to me" favorite Actors list:

This is a list of my "new to me", favorite actors.

1.Delores Del Rio.(pictured above).
For me Dolores del Río was very glamorus classy lady and perfect example of woman style of the 1930s. It seems she had a huge influence on the women of her time.

2.Robert Taylor.
I have really been enjoying this months featured actor Robert Taylor, on TCM. I have had a hard time deciding which movies to review.. Robert Taylor in my opinion is very handsome and talented. He seems to have a very sophisticated aire about him. Every girls dream...

3.Clara Bow.
She was the first actress who flaunted her sex appeal and became the most talked-about actress. She had a huge influence Louise Brooks in the 20s, Marilyn Monroe in the 50s, and Madonna in the 80s, Clara represented sexual freedom for women everywhere.

4.John Gilbert.
What I found interesting about John Gilbert was audiences actually laughed at Gilbert's over acted love-making in His Glorious Night. In one scene, Gilbert keeps kissing his leading lady (Catherine Dale Owen) while saying over and over again "I love you". This scene was famously later parodied in the MGM musical Singin' in the Rain (1952) where a preview of the fictional The Dueling Cavalier is a disaster. Director King Vidor believed that Rudolph Valentino, Gilbert's main rival in the 1920s for romantic leads, probably would have had the same fate in the talkie era, had he lived. I'm curious to learn more about him.

5.Barbara Stanwyck.
I do not know why it has taken me so long to discover Barbara Stanwyck, She is one of the most versatile actress who could adapt to any role, that I have seen on film. Of all the films I have seen of hers so far.. I have loved all of them. I'm really looking forward to her new DVD box set coming out next week.

6.Harry James- I know he is not an actor. But I'm enjoying the movies that he performed in. The first time I heard him play trumpet in the 1950 film Young Man with a Horn, dubbing Kirk Douglas. I was hooked.

7.Marlene Dietrich.
I just started watching a few of her movies. I really do not know what to think of her... except, she seemed to be a very interesting personality and a fashion icon of her time.

8.Fred Astaire.
I do not know why I have not watched many of Fred Astaire movies. He is a wonderful dancer and a joy to watch. Please forgive me Fred Astaire fans..he does not seem like a leading man type to me..

9.Alice Faye. I have not seen many of her films. She reminds me of Betty Grable, whom I'm a big fan of.. I'm trying to find more info on her..

10.Charlie Chaplin.
At first, I did not think I would like Charlie Chaplin's type of comedy.. but, I found his films very fascinating/funny..


  1. Super list Dawn...I see we both have Robert Taylor. I've been watching some of his movies on TCM this month. Glad to see Stanwyck on your list as well.

  2. I've been watching a lot of Fred Astaire recently. Yes,Gene Kelly was superb. But for my money Astaire remains the best male dancer of the Golden Era of Musicals.

  3. I just love to watch all the great dancers of the Golden Era. My favorite is Ricardo Montalban...I know I know.. but the girl in me, just cant help it. :)

  4. I see you added some thoughts to your list Dawn. Cool. I personally believe Stanwyck is a treasure. And her career spanned a good 40 years. I think she is awesome.

  5. Well you guys I've seem to be on a Richard Widmark, Robert Taylor, and Joel McCrea kick , but all of them are not "new to me. Dawn, for Alice Faye, check out Alexanders Rag Time Band from 1939 with Tyrone Power, and music by Irving Berlin.Her last film was Fallen Angel with Dana Andrews. She was one of 20th Century Fox's big female stars of the 30's in to the early forties.

  6. Paul, Thank you.. I will check out the Alice Faye movies.. Rag Time Band, Fallen Angel. It is fun to know what movies you are watching..


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