Friday, April 23, 2010

The Crooked Way(1949). He's got a date ...with DEATH!

The Crooked Way (1949). Black-and-white film noir. Director; Robert Florey. The film was based on a radio play No Blade Too Sharp. cast: John Payne, Sonny Tufts, Ellen Drew. The film, with a similar plot (a war hero loses his memory stateside) to another film noir Somewhere in the Night, was shot by noted cameraman John Alton.

Eddie Rice, a war veteran with amnesia, returns home to Los Angeles hoping to learn who he is and learns the hard way that he is a gangster named Eddie Riccardi with a police record. Eddie does not remember that he was acquitted of murder after turning state's evidence. His long time friend, Vince Alexander, took the "rap" and spent two years in prison. A woman recognizes Eddie and informs Vince who confronts Eddie about the past and gives him one day to leave town. Kemble, reads the newspaper article and learns the woman who recognized him was Nina Martin, a nightclub singer. Eddie visits Nina and, telling her that he has amnesia and wants her to tell him about his past. Nina tells him that she used to be his wife, but divorced him three years ago and now works for Vince. Meanwhile, Vince murders Kelly, a gangster whom Williams was using as an informant. Nina is beginning to fall in love with her ex-husband and warns him to leave. Instead, Eddie goes to Vince's gambling house, the Golden Horn. Williams, learns that Eddie has amnesia and goes to the Golden Horn to pick him up. Williams accuses Vince of Kelly's murder, and is himself shot dead by Vince. Later, Eddie wakes up and finds himself in Williams' car, holding the murder weapon, and runs for his life.. Will he be able to prove his innocence?

John Alton, and a wonderful cast of film noir actors, John Payne, Sonny Tufts, and Percy Helton . In my opinion some of most imaginative lighted scenes in film. The scenes in the warehouse are amazing .
The Crooked Way movie in full.

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