Wednesday, February 3, 2010

PHYLLIS HAVER- Silent Film Star

PHYLLIS HAVER, actress of the silent film era. Phyllis auditioned for producer Mack Sennett on a whim. Sennett hired her as one of his original Bathing Beauties. Within a few years, she performed as a leading lady for Sennett Studios. Phyllis played the part of Roxie Hart in Chicago (1927), opposite film actor Victor Varconi. One film review said her performance "astoundingly fine", and also said Phyllis, "makes this combination of tragedy and comedy a most entertaining piece of work." She performed in the comedy film The Battle of the Sexes (1928), directed by D. W. Griffith. The next year, she appeared with Lon Chaney, Sr. in his last silent film, Thunder. Phillis, retired with two sound films to her credit.


Phyllis first earned a living as a silent movie theater pianist.

Info. from: Wikipedia. When she married New York millionaire William Seeman in 1929, she was under contract to Cecil B. DeMille. She told DeMille she was ending her contract with him under the "Act of God" clause. DeMille asked, "What Act of God?" Phyllis replied, "If marrying a millionaire isn't an Act of God, I don't know what is." DeMille let her go.

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  1. Dawn, thank you for posting such beautiful photos of Phyllis Haver. It's amazing that she had a long career starting with Mack Sennett Productions. I love the fun facts you posted.


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