Monday, January 4, 2010

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1943).

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1934). Film noir based on the novel, The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M. Cain. Cast: Lana Turner, John Garfield, Cecil Kellaway, Hume Cronyn, Leon Ames, and Audrey Totter. Directed by Tay Garnett. Score written by George Bassman and Erich Zeisl.

Being a huge Lana Turner fan, I have always loved the film The Postman Always Rings Twice". Based on the novel by James M. Cain. Frank Chambers (John Garfield) tells us his story in narration. Frank was a drifter hitchhiking to no particular destination.

He stops at a roadside diner that is looking for help. Encouraged by Nick (Cecil Kellaway) the owner, and his beautiful young wife Cora (Lana Turner), Frank takes the job. Cora is always asking Nick's help in improving the business.

But Nick and Cora's mutual attraction is more than they can resist and they begin an affair. Cora, is unwilling to run off with a drifter who wants her to take care of his invalid sister. So, the two lovers plan the murder of her husband so they can take over the diner and live happily ever after, but do they?

I never did think that Lana's character was in love with Garfield's character, it all happened too fast. She was like a spider waiting for someone to come along to kill her husband.

What I did like about the film.. Something, was always happening, First.. they get caught doing the murder. Then after, the trial, just when you think the movie's over, a new plot with it's twists and turns and double crosses, turn up...

Fun Facts:

Said to be Lana Turner's favorite role.

Contrast to Lana playing evil character, Lana wears white throughout the film.

Cecil Kellaway (August 22, 1893 - February 28, 1973), spent many years as an actor, author, and director in the Australian film industry until he moved to Hollywood in the 1930s.

Finding he could get only gangster bit parts, he got discouraged and returned to Australia. Then William Wyler called and offered him a part in the film, Wuthering Heights (1939) and things began to turn around for him.

He received two Best Supporting Actor nominations, for The Luck of the Irish and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

Academy Award winning actor Edmund Gwenn, whose real surname was Kellaway, was his cousin.


  1. I thing John Garfield did a great job in this film. I'm not a big Lana Turner fan, but I have to admit she played Cora to the hilt.

  2. Dawn , Lana & John are so hot your lucky that your TV screen does not fog up .One of my favorite Noirs and along with Air Force one of my favorite Garfield films.

  3. Kim, I do not think I have seen too many Garfield films..I thought he did an awesome job in this film. I'm a huge fan of Lana.

    Paul, I will check out Air Force One.


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