Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I want to thank Rick for asking NOIR and CHICK FLICKS to become a member of Classic Movie Blog Association, and to everyone who voted for Noir and Chick Flicks movie blog. I consider it a honer.

I also want to thank Silentfilmfanatic, Paul2, Monty and Disneyprincess. We could not have done it without your wonderful blogs/videos..

Also... Congrats!! to Becky for becoming a new member of Classic Movie Blog Association. We have a wonderful circle of friends. :)

Thank you. Dawn


  1. Congratulations, Dawn! You have done such a great job here. You are so creative. Thank you for allowing me to post my blogs on your fabulous site. You have certainly earned this honor.

  2. Dawn, we should be thanking you for joining. Sharing your love of classic film and television is what blogging is all about!

  3. Dawn , I second Silent and Ricks comments. I'm very happy you asked me to be part of your blog, you done a wonderful job. I'll be post more soon I promise.


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