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Lady in the Lake (1947), a film that was the first directorial film of actor Robert Montgomery who also starred in the film. Based on the 1944 Raymond Chandler novel The Lady in the Lake. Cast: Audrey Totter, Lloyd Nolan, Tom Tully, Leon and Jayne Meadows.

The storyline was a murder mystery similar to many others of the time. Except the entire film was seen from the viewpoint of the main character, detective Philip Marlowe, who was played by Montgomery. The movie also, did not have a musical sound track, which very unusual for that time.

The story begins on Christmas Eve, when Publications editor Adrienne meets with Marlowe, who offers him a job as a detective instead of a writer. She wants him to find the missing wife of her boss, Mr. Adrienne, so they can hurry on with the divorce so they can get married. Marlowe, accepts the job and goes looking for clues at the home of the wife's lover, Chris. When Marlowe, gets knocked out and picked up for drunk driving, he decides to drop the case when he is threatened by the police.. He returns when he learns that his wife maybe to blame for the murder of the mysterious lady in the lake.

The performances are very good: Lloyd Nolan, is perfect playing the bad cop and the dramatic turn by Jayne Meadows, is one you may not soon forget. Montgomery, gives a good performance as the cynical Marlowe. You will also love how Totter's character mellows overtime and falls for Marlowe. If you enjoy film noirs you may want to add this one to your "gotta see" list of films.


During World War II, he joined the Navy, becoming lieutenant commander.

Montgomery has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Montgomery had two children, daughter actress Elizabeth Montgomery(Bewitched), and son, Robert Montgomery, Jr.

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Jayne Meadows (born September 27, 1920), most famous movies include: Song of the Thin Man (with William Powell and Myrna Loy), David and Bathsheba (with Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward and Raymond Massey), Lady in the Lake (with Robert Montgomery and Audrey Totter), Enchantment (with David Niven and Teresa Wright), and City Slickers (as the voice of Billy Crystal's mother).

Meadows was a regular panelist on the original version of I've Got a Secret and an occasional panelist on What's My Line?, the latter alongside husband Steve Allen. She also appeared on the NBC interview program Here's Hollywood. During the early days of the live entertainment scene in Las Vegas, the Allens occasionally worked together as an act.

She was married to Steve Allen from 1954 until his death in 2000.


  1. Dawn, I would like to see this film. I am a fan of Robert Montgomery and I especially love the films he made during the Pre-Code era.

  2. I saw this film awhile ago, it was an experiment and it failed. but it was fun to watch, something different. Audrey Totter is Wonderful in it.

  3. Silent, i will put a reminder in the side bar,closer to time. i agree, Robert Montgomery did some wonderful films.

    Zoe,i'm with you Audry Totter is wonderful in the film. i just watched her in THE SET UP(1949)with Robert Ryan. It seems to me she is type cast as a "bad girl" in all the movies i have seen her in.

  4. Dawn I love this film and the "point of view" direction it was a big risk and many think min did not come off, I'm not one of them . BTW Robert did some of the second unit directing on John Ford's "They Were Expendable". which he was of the stars , with John Wayne, Donna Reed, and Ward Bond.

  5. Dawn, I was delighted to see that you're a fan of LADY IN THE LAKE, too, and I thank you for your praise of my own LitL review; our great minds think alike! :-) One of my favorite things about it is that the background music, when there is some, is either music on the radio or undertones of the spookiest-sounding Christmas carolers ever. Isn't that just the kind of caroling you'd expect in a film noir? :-)

    You're a sweetheart to link your LitL blog with mine; it's almost like being sisters! :-) Thanks a million, Dawn, and a very Merry Christmas and a truly Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us here at Team Bartilucci H.Q.!

  6. Dorian, I enjoy being blog sisters and sharing your reviews here on N and CF.

    I also want to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


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