Friday, December 11, 2009

Mae murray: Fun Facts.

Mae Murray (May 10, 1889 – March 23, 1965) was an actress, dancer, film producer, and screenwriter. Mae Murray once stated, "Once you become a star, you are always a star," those words she believed in for the rest of her life. Even though her final performance in films was in (1931).

Murray made her a singing debut with the song "Comin' Through the Rye. Adolph Zukor, of Paramount spotted her in the (1915) version of the Ziegfeld Follies, in which she impersonated "Mary Pickford".

She performed in two films with Valentino. Most of her films, had dance numbers made just for her, written and produced by her third husband, Robert Z. Leonard. She is best known for her performance in the film The Merry Widow(1925).

May Murray: Fun Facts

She believed that she discovered Rudolph Valentino by giving him a role in her film The Delicious Little Devil (1919).

While shopping at Tiffany's, she paid for her jewelry with tiny bags filled with gold dust.


  1. Dawn, thank you for such great information on Mae Murray. The pictures you posted are so beautiful. Most of Murray's films are either "lost or not available on DVD. I would love to see The Merry Widow.

  2. Silent, I would also love to see the film The Merry Widow. Mae Murray.. from what I' m reading, was quite the colorful character.


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