Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hosted by: The Girl with the White Parasol. The Halloween Movie Meme:

To celebrate Halloween, I thought I would join, The Girl With the White Parasol, in answering her great list of horror movie questions. Here are my trick or treats of favorites:

For more info:

1. Who is your favorite movie witch?

Kim Novak, in the classic film, Bell, Book and Candle (1958). A romantic/comedy about Gillian, your average, modern day, witch, living in a New York apartment/Bohemian art studio with her Siamese cat, Pyewackt.

2. What is the first movie you can remember being scared by?

Frankenstein (1931). The king of horror films, was the first movie I remember being scared by. Mostly.. because my sister freaked out so bad, that she hit her head on the floor, trying to hide under her pillow. Which resulted in a huge goose egg on her head..

3. Name a classic horror film that would be substantially improved by better special effects.

The first movie that pops into my head is... "The Blob". I think that it would have been awesome, if he looked more like Java, from Star Wars..

4. Name your favorite Val Lewton film.

I have only seen one Val Lewton film, I walked with a Zombie( 1943). For me it was a perfect "scary chick flick".

5. What movie villain or monster has the most frightening "stare-into-the-camera" moment?

Psycho(1960). A suspense/horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. I will never forget the moment when, the camera focuses on the hideous mummified body of Mrs. Bates.

6. What is the most irritating horror film cliche? I dunno.. that is part of the horror film, that makes it fun.

7. Are there any movies you refuse to watch alone?

Nobody, in my house can watch Rosemary's Baby, alone..

8. Picture an old childhood nightmare of yours. Now try to adapt it to film. Can it be done?

Vertigo - alfred-hitchcock Wallpaper

As a child I had the recurring dream of falling. So, whenever I watch one of my favorite Hitchcock film Vertigo. I remember my own dream of falling.. Although.. my dream was not as colorful.

9. Who's your favorite "scream queen?"

I do not think anyone can beat "screem queen".. Fay Wray

10. What is the most disappointing horror remake?

I try and stay away from remakes. So, none come to mind.

11. We've all seen our share of vampires, zombies, and werewolves on film, but are there any mythical creatures or monsters out there that you think deserve more movies (i.e. golems, changelings, the Minotaur, etc.)?

I think Medousa, with the face that could turn onlookers to stone. Would make a great horror film.

12. Along the lines of "Scary Mary Poppins," can you think of any non-horror flicks that could easily be adapted to fit the genre?

How about, the children's story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The sequence where Snow White, is running through the forest is very scary. Also, the evil queen’s transformation from icy beauty to old crone.

13. And now, just for fun, pick one movie monster or villain to be remade into a cuddly plush toy, just for you.

 How about a Medousa, doll with a head of snakes for hair?


  1. The children's version of Snow White could, indeed, easily be adapted into a horror film! Have you viewed Snow White and the Henchmen? I was hesitant, but it was done superbly. Loved it. Shall be viewing it again. Definitely a good translation into a scary version of the classic!

  2. Awesome photos, thank you very much for sharing.
    Happy Halloween!!

  3. Nicole Marie Story, Yes, I have seen Snow White and the Henchmen. My son gave me the DVD as a surprise..

    Meriyay, Thank you and Happy Halloween!

  4. I loved your answers. I watched Rosemary's Baby alone this weekend and didn't feel scared...
    Weird, I have this nightmare of being obligated to go back to high school: this would be my horror film!

  5. Dawn, I'm so happy you decided to do the meme! I'm not surprised Kim Novak is your favorite, she was definitely the most stylish witch ever. And Medusa has lots of potential on film. I always thought she got a pretty raw deal from the Greek gods. I seem to remember there's a Hammer Horror film called The Gorgon but I've never seen it. Anyway, great answers and Happy (belated) Halloween!

  6. Rachel, thank you for stopping by. I did not have anything planned, to post up for Halloween. Then, thought the meme, wold be the perfect way to celebrate..

  7. Le, Lol.. I would love to go back to high school. That means I would be young again.. Even, if it were only in a dream :)


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