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Letter To The Stars Blogathon: Cyd Charisse.

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Dear Cyd Charisse, I wanted to write to let you know how much I enjoyed watching you perform in one of my all time favorite classic musicals, Singin’ In The Rain. It was a thrill to see one of the best musical numbers ever filmed, “Broadway Melody Ballet” on the big screen.. I have watched Singin’ In The Rain, more times than I can remember and one of the first classic movies, that I added to my ever growing classic movie DVD movie collection.

I have always thought of you as one of the most talented female icons of dance. Because, of all your unforgettable contributions to the Golden Age of MGM Hollywood musicals which include: Silk Stockings, The Bandwagon, Brigadoon and the classic Singin’ In The Rain.

I loved watching your dance performances with two of the greatest male dancers in film history, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. How was it acting with Gene Kelly? I've always been a fan of his and if he is starring in a movie, it's guaranteed that I'll be a fan of the film.

My 3 favorite Esther Williams movies are: Fiesta, On an Island with You and Easy to Love. Mostly, because of your dance routines with the very handsome and talented, Ricardo Montalban. You and Ricardo made an amazing dance couple and it seems.. no matter who was your partner, you always remained powerful and glamorous. I was sorry to learn that you broke your leg during the filming of the big ceremonial dance in the classic musical, On an Island with You and they used another dancer.

You would be a perfect celebrity for Dancing With The Stars! Bruno, Carrie and Len would have loved you! You would have definitely taken home the mirror ball!

I would like to end this letter thanking you for your dedication to your dancing and acting. For me... your performances will always remain timeless.

Sincerely yours,


  1. What a lovely letter Dawn, I agree she is one of the most beautiful dancer to grace the screen. And she would so win the mirror ball.

  2. Cyd would indeed waltz off with that mirror ball trophy! Lovely letter to a lovely star.

  3. This was really heartfelt, Dawn. Cyd steals the scene in the ballet sequence of Singin' in the Rain, just a marvelous routine.
    Don't forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! :)

  4. Thank you guys..

    For some reason I'm having trouble posting on the blogs that are not written in English. :(

  5. Le, I have tried a couple of times to post a comment on your site.

    But.. for some reason it is not showing up.

  6. Love that you highlighted the fantastic Cyd Charisse. I discovered her in Singin' in the Rain and I've adored her ever since. You do a great job of paying tribute to her.


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