Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pawsome Pet Pictures: Lauren Bacall.

Personal Quote: (On imagination) Imagination is the highest kite that can fly.


  1. Lol why is Droopy the cocker spaniel up there? My cocker spaniel would never agree to sit there.

  2. Cute picture and what a wonderful quote.

  3. This article is perfection!
    She is my all time favourite.
    Did you read the Vanity Fair piece? To Have and Have Not? Excellent. Huge focus on her dogs. :)

  4. Kalli, he must be very mellow cocker. :)

    Alyssa LM, and so true...

    Yogaduchess 1982, Thank you so much for sharing the awesome Vanity Fair, article. I had not yet seen it..

    I have a few more Lauren Bacall Pawsome Pet pictures, to share with all of you. Please check them out on Wednesdays.


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