Sunday, September 16, 2012

Actress: Mari Aldon and Director: Tay Garnett.

Mari Aldon (17 November 1925-31 October 2004). Trained as a ballet dancer for six years. Mari Aldon was married to Hollywood director, Tay Garnett. She is best known for her roles :

Judy Beckett, a prisoner of the Seminoles(1951) and Gary Cooper's romantic interest in, Distant Drums (1951).

She also performed in few feature films and briefly in two major movies: The Barefoot Contessa (1954) and Summertime (1955). The rest of her career was devoted to television.

This post is a welcome Noir and Chick Flicks newest follower,Tiela Garnett, the daughter of actress Mari Aldon and Tay Garnett. Who, I hope stops by and shares some of her wonderful memories of her parents with us. Please click here to check out Tiela Garnett's blog: A Paris State of Mind.

Video: Is Tiela Garnett, talking about her book that is in the works.

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