Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Tribute to Jack Mulhall

A  Tribute to Jack Mulhall

Even though Jack Mulhall made major appearances in over 150 silent films, together with more than 200 supporting and bit performances in sound features, he is not a famous name in film history. However, Jack was a reliable and affable leading man who ultimately outlasted many of his female stars. With his broad smile, blue eyes, and genial demeanor, Jack was breezy without being arrogant.

Born on October 7, 1887, in Wappinger Falls, New York, he entered films in 1913 with the American Biograph Company, after a career as a café singer and dancer in vaudeville.

Jack was under contract to Universal as a juvenile lead opposite Cleo Madison in 1916, to Famous Players Lasky in 1918, and to First National for seven years in the 1920’s. 

Some of the silent films he starred are not well remembered. Dulcy (1923), with Constance Talmadge, Within the Law (1923) with Norma Talmadge,The Mad Whirl (1925) with May McAvoy, Classified (1925) with Corinne Griffith, Orchids and Ermine (1927 ) and We Moderns (1928) with Colleen Moore, and ten features with Dorothy Mackaill, who perfectly matched him in charm. 

 Jack may not have been a typical actor, but he was a long standing member of the Screen Actor’s Guild, becoming a life member in 1934, and from 1959 through 1976, he served as a field representative for the organization. Jack died at the Motion Picture Country House on June 1, 1979. He was 91 years old.

Jack’s private life was rather tragic. His first wife Bertha Vuillot died shortly after their marriage. His second, Laura Brinton, committed suicide in 1921. A third marriage to Evelyn Winans outlasted Jack’s life, and they had one daughter. 


  1. Thank you silent for your interesting tribute on, Jack Mulhall. After seeing his list of silent films, I'm surprised he is not better known.

  2. Your blog is so beautiful, I am lost for words

  3. Neve Rendell, Thank you very much..

  4. Dawn, I also don't know why Jack Mulhall isn't better known. I've only seen him in Within the Law (1923) and Orchids and Ermine (1927). He was a handsome and talented actor.


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