Thursday, August 16, 2012

The High Chaparral.

I just received in my e-mail the classic TV western, "The High Chaparral" promo from from INSP’s Melissa Prince.

The High Chaparral is a Western television series. Starring Leif Erickson and Cameron Mitchell which aired on NBC from 1967 to 1971. The series, was created by David Dortort, who had previously created the hit Bonanza for the network. The theme song was also written and conducted by Bonanza scorer David Rose, who also scored the two-hour pilot.

 The show revolved around "Big" John Cannon (Leif Erickson), a rancher who lived in the Arizona Territory in the 1870s. He ran the ranch with his brother Buck (Cameron Mitchell) and son Billy Blue (Blue Boy) (Mark Slade). Blue Boy's mother Annalee (Joan Caulfield) was killed in the first episode by an Indian arrow, and John Cannon then married Victoria (Linda Cristal), the daughter of the powerful neighbouring rancher Don Sebastián Montoya.

His marriage to Victoria Montoya brought her brother Manolito (Henry Darrow) to come live with the family.

Cameron Mitchell was offered the part of Buck following an airline flight to Tucson where he had sat next to the series originator and his wife.

Guest stars: Anthony Caruso, Roberto Contreras, Dennis Cross, John Dehner, Paul Fix, Ron Foster, Ron Hagerthy, Ron Hayes, Myron Healey, Don Keefer, Dan Kemp, Robert Loggia, Tyler McVey, Ricardo Montalban, Ned Romero, Chief Dan George, Frank Silvera, Barry Sullivan, Dub Taylor and Morgan Woodward. 

All exterior and most interior filming was done in my nick of the woods, Old Tucson Studios.

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  1. Cool!

    High Chaparral was always my most favorite western. I've been waiting for it to make a come back.

  2. Dawn, I was so happy to hear about this show FINALLY coming to cable yesterday! I hadn't seen this commercial you linked and I loved it.

    I visited Old Tucson a couple of times circa the early '80s. Loved being able to see the filming location.

    Best wishes,

  3. Dawn, I always like this show, especially the relationships among the characters. I was never a Cameron Mitchell fan until I saw him as Buck on HIGH CHAPARRAL. The show has a nice theme, too.

  4. The Daring Novelist, Welcome .. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    Laura, Old Tucson, changed after it burned down. I think it was sometime in the 90s. I have not been since it has been rebuilt.

    Rick29, Thank you for stopping by.


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