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Johnny Apollo(1940).

Johnny Apollo(1940). Crime film. Cast: Tyrone Power, Edward Arnold, Lloyd Nolan and Dorothy Lamour.

The story begins when Bob Cain Jr., feels betrayed by his father, who is a multimillion-dollar stockbroker, indicted for embezzlement. Before going to prison, father and son have a terrible argument and Bob Jr. drops out of college to look for work. Because of his father's crime, Bob Jr. is still unemployed one year later.

When the gangster Mickey Dwyer, who was sentenced on the same day as his father, is paroled from prison, Bob meets with his fathers lawyer for dinner. In their meeting his father's lawyer informs Bob Jr, that only money can win a parole for his father. Bob Jr., changes his name to, Johnny Apollo, hoping that it will make it easier for him to find work.

Bob Jr. meets singer "Lucky" Dubarry, Dwyer's girl friend, while sitting on the steps waiting for Dwyer's lawer, Judge Emmett T. Brennan, to arrive back at his office. There he meets Dwyer, who asks him to do a favor for him. Dwyer, takes an instant liking to Bob Jr. and even puts a raw steak on Bob Jr. back eye, that he received during a scuffle.


Brennan and "Lucky", both notice the two becoming fast friends and wonder if the kid will reform Dwyer. Or maybe will be the other way around..

After, "Pop" Cain, learns that his son Bob has become Dwyer's front-man, he disowns him. Soon after, Dwyer and Bob Jr., are presented with a warrant for their arrest at the night-club during Lucky's performance. Lucky, who has fallen in love with Bob, convinces Brennan to make a deal with the district attorney.. Bob's freedom in exchange for Dwyer. The man he really wants to see behind bars.

After Dwyer, learns that he was double-crossed, he murders his best- friend Brennan and both he and Bob Jr. are sent to jail. After overhearing plans for an escape, Lucky tips Pop, to their plans before leaving town. Will "Pop" get there in time?

Fun Facts:

In the scene with Johnny and his father talking in the bedroom, the photo over Johnny's shoulder of his mother, is a picture of Tyrone Power's mother.

Linda Darnell was the original female lead. Alice Faye was also considered by Darryl Zanuck before Dorothy Lamour was borrowed from Paramount in exchange for Don Ameche.

"Johnny Apollo" is a pretty good film and it's fun to watch  Dorothy Lamour, as a femme fatale, sing, "This Is the Beginning of the End"... I think this is one of my favorite Lloyd Nolan, performances.


  1. Dawn, I'm so glad you've featured one of Tyrone Power's films. I haven't seen this one yet; I recorded it to watch tonight. I'm really looking forward to seeing the chemistry between Lamour and Power, and another excellent performance by Edward Arnold. I hope you don't mind but I would also like to write about this film.

  2. Dawn, "Johnny Apollo" may have been the film that introduced me to Tyrone Power as a little girl watching 'old movies' on TV. Love at first sight. Thanks for featuring a film that is close to my heart.

  3. I'm so glad TCM is giving Tyrone his own day, some of my personal favorites at not being shown, but there are no bad films. Ty as a hood, Johnny is a lot of fun
    .I hope people will watch what is a great western film 1939's Jesse James, and then you will know why it's in my top 10 western films

  4. whistlingypsy, Please do and I will link your "Johnny Apollo" post to mine..

    I don't think the sparks really flew between, Lamour and Power, in this film.

    The Lady Eve, This was my first viewing of the Crime Drama, "Johnny Apollo". I'm still making up my mind about Tyrone's performance. Edward Arnold, was my favorite character, in the film..

    I think my all time favorite Tyrone performance, is the classic film, Blood and Sand.

  5. Paul2, Me too.. I can not wait to see the western, Jesse James. I will let you know how much I liked it.. I also want to see the classic film, A Yank in the RAF.

  6. Both films were directed by Henry King, one of my all time favorites who also directed some of Gregory Pecks, best films at 20 th Century Fox :Keys of The Kingdom, 12 O Clock High, The Gunfighter, and Man In The Gray Flannel Suit I own all of them.

  7. BTW Watch out for Henry Hull in Jesse James, he has some of my all time favorite lines, he steals every scene he's in.

  8. I have been thinking more about Tyrone,s first big dramatic role. At first I thought it seemed quite bland.. but, it is actually quite good. It proved that he could play a more serious type role as gangster in a film noir.

  9. Tyrone, makes a very charming bank robber… Teamed with Henry Fonda and Randolph Scott.. I can see why the classic western, was considered one the best Jesse James of the series…

    The train Robbery, was one of my favorite scenes.

    I hope this film is on DVD.

  10. Dawn, Yes it is on DVD. Remember" We need to take all fill in the blank and shoot them down like dogs Paragraph "Glad you enjoyed the film. BTW don't worry, The Ford brothers get theirs in The Return Of Frank James.


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