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The Farmer's Daughter (1947).

The Farmer's Daughter (1947). Cast: Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten, Ethel Barrymore, and Charles Bickford.

Swedish farm girl Katrin Holstrom, leaves the safety of her family and heads for Capital City, where she dreams of becoming a nurse. While waiting for the bus, she is picked up by the not so nice Adolph, who tries to trick her into spending the night with him in a cheep hotel.

He some how backs his car into another car and Katie, wanting to get to the city lends Adolph, the money to repair his car. She wakes the next morning to find that he has left her behind at the hotel.

When Katie finally arrives in the City, she takes a job as a maid to rebuild her savings. She lands a job working for Congressman Glenn Morley and his mother Agatha, who are very charmed by her intelligence. Katie's employer, Joseph Clancy, warns her not to talk politics while on the job.

During a party celebrating the victory of Congressman Wilbur Johnson, Katie ignores Clancy's advice and lets her feelings about Johnson be known. Glenn, later asks her why she dislikes Johnson and she tells him that she believes in the right to minimum wage, which Johnson is against. Although Glenn, is dating reporter Virginia Thatcher, he and Katie begin to fall in love.

Katie, is now wanting to leave for nursing school, Glenn, who is headed for Europe, asks her to stay. She agrees to stay until he returns from Europe and attends night school. Katie, takes economics and politics and is helped by Clancy and Agatha. Glenn, eventually returns home and learns of Johnson's death. Katie, finds herself in trouble with his replacement, Anders J. Finley, when she begins questioning his voting record.

She adventually attracts the attention of the other party, who invite her to run against Finley and Katie accepts. It looks like Katie has a good chance at winning the election.

Just two days before the election, Adolph , comes forward saying that, during their trip to Capital City, he and Katie slept together. Finley, realizes that Adolph's lie is the only way he is going to win.

When the story appears, Glenn drives to the Holstrom farm, where Katie has gone. Katie accepts Glenn's proposal, but.. her father wants her to go back and fight for the truth...

This is one of those fun movies that is fun from start to finish with a couple surprising twists and turns.

Fun Facts:
On a cold day, Katrin prepares a drink called glogg for Glenn. Glogg is usually made from claret, aquavit, sugar, cloves, cardamom, orange peel, and raisins. It is ignited before being served.

First film of James Arness.

Rose Hobart (May 1, 1906 – August 29, 2000), her father was a cellist in the New York Symphony. Her first film role was the part of Julie in the first talking picture version of Ferenc Molnár's Liliom(1930). She co-starred with Fredric March and Miriam Hopkins in Rouben Mamoulian's original 1931 film version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She played the role of Muriel, Jekyll's fiancée. Ironically, her co-star in Dr. Jekyll and Mr, Hyde, Fredric March, starred in the 1934 film version of Death Takes a Holiday, but Ms. Hobart did not play Grazia in the film. The role went instead to Evelyn Venable.

In 1931, Hobart appeared in a B-movie called East of Borneo. In 1936, Surrealist artist Joseph Cornell, who bought a print of the movie to screen at home, became smitten with the actress, and cut out nearly all the parts that did not include her. He also showed the film at silent film speed and projected it through a blue tinted lens. He named the resulting work Rose Hobart. Hobart often played the "other woman" in movies during the 1940s, with her last major film role in Bride of Vengeance (1949).


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