Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Modern Maidens(1929).

Our Modern Maidens(1929). A silent film directed by Jack Conway. Cast: Joan Crawford in her last silent film role, Rod La Rocque, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and Anita Page. Our Modern Maidens is the second of three film where Crawford and Page appear together. Fun Fact: Joan Crawford married co-star Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in a well orchestrated publicity event for the film.

The story begins during the "Jazz Age". Billie Brown and Gil Jordan, decide to secretly get married. To find Gil a diplomatic job in Paris, Billie, decides to trick Glenn Abbott, who falls in love with her, saying Gil is only a boy. While this is all going on Gil and Kentucky have an affair, which he regrets, telling her of his engagement to Billie. Kentucky, says she will never tell Billie, her best friend.

Soon After, Glenn gets Gil the job and their engagement is announced, enraging Glenn to the point he almost rapes Crawford. Billie and Gil, go ahead with their plans and get married in an elaborate wedding.

All is well.. until Billie discovers Gil's affair with Kentucky. Giving them good wishes, she leaves her husband.

Sometime later.. in France, she and Abbott meet again. Will, they find themselves back in each other arms?

This silent film has it all... Fast cars, jazz parties, a love quadrangle, great art deco sets.. a wonderful glimpse back in time..

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Joan Crawford

Anita Page.


  1. I cant believe that picture is of Joan Crawford, she is certainly a woman of reinvention.


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