Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Birthday: Virginia Rappe, model and silent film actress.

Virginia Rappe (July 7, 1895 – September 9, 1921). At age 14 she began working as a commercial and art model in Chicago. In 1916 she relocated to San Francisco to pursue her career as an artist's model, where she met dress designer Robert Moscovitz, to whom she became engaged. Shortly after the engagement Moscovitz was killed in a streetcar accident, where she then moved to Los Angeles.

In 1917, she was hired by director Fred Balshofer and given a role in, Paradise Garden opposite Harold Lockwood. Balshofer, then hired her again to costar with early drag performer Julian Eltinge and newcomer Rudolph Valentino in, Over the Rhine, for which she was awarded the title of "Best Dressed Girl in Pictures". This film was not released until 1920 when Balshofer recut it and released it under the title, An Adventuress and later in 1922 as The Isle of Love. In 1919, she began a relationship with director/producer Henry Lehrman; the two eventually became engaged. She appeared in at least four films for Lehrman: His Musical Sneeze, A Twilight Baby, Punch of the Irish and A Game Lady.


  1. I have only known her name, not her face nor her career. Thanks, Dawn.

  2. She reminds me of an actress of the 70's, but.. I can not remember her name.


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