Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dawns Favorites 31 - 40.

40. Out of Towners.

My husband and I both love this movie. I think we can recite this movie line for line. I also thought Dennis's performance of the supportive wife was hilarious, as she does everything she can just to keep her husband happy.

39. Scarlet Street.

This is definitely not a predictable film. The powerful psychological mind games is one of the best I have seen on film. I believe this film is a "gotta see", and I don't think you will be disappointed.

38. Woman In The Window.

 This is a wonderful "film noir". The dark shadows, the femme fatale, the detectives, the murder... I think you will love the surprise ending..

37. The Fountainhead.

In my favorite scene Francon watches Roark from a distance and becomes immediately attracted to him and tricks Roark into her home on a pretense of a job, but is angered by his cool manor. She has no idea that he is Howard Roark, the brilliant architect.

36. Ball of Fire.

I thought the story of Bertram Potts, a linguistics professor and his group of quirky colleagues writing a encyclopedia, was Hilarious. Loved watching the faces of the people that Bertram was eavesdropping on. My favorite scene is when Sugarpuss is teaching the conga to the other professors.

I also loved when the story takes a wild turn and the professor and his colleagues take on Sugarpuss's mobster boyfriend and his henchmen. I also enjoyed this wonderful scene in the nightclub.

35. Shampoo.

I have always felt that this was a "period" film and the closest character to Beatty in real life. Shampoo and Splendor in the Grass, are my favorite Beatty performances.

34. Butterflies Are Free.

I have always thought that this was another "period" film. Also, There are some wonderful scenes in this movie, especially the performances between Heckart and Goldie. If I were to select one movie that reminded me of my life in the 70's.. I think this classic film would be it..

33. Blood And Sand.

 Awesome supporting cast, cinematography, music and the star power of Tyrone Power and Rita Hayworth. I think this film has my favorite "silver screen" sexy dance scene..

32. Duel in the Sun.

My favorite scene of the film is: When McCanles tells Laura Belle that he has always blamed her for his injury. When he thought she was going away to be with Chavez. He now knows it was his own jealousy that caused the accident. He admits that he has always loved her. I cry every time.. Duel in the Sun, is my favorite Gregory Peck, performance.

31. Dark Victory.

Judith Traherne socialite/heiress, who loves fast cars and beautiful horses, is in the prime of her life, when Dr. Frederick Steele  her best friend, diagnoses a brain tumor. The doctor tells her secretary that the tumor will come back and slowly kill her. After learning her fate at a fancy restaurant, Judy announces "I think I'll have a large order of prognosis negative!" What follows next is a life of drunken recklessness. Her horse trainer Michael , who loves her, tells her to get as much out of life as she can. She marries Steele who is looking for a cure for her illness. As he goes off to a conference in New York, Judith's eyesight is beginning to fail. Will Steele find a cure in time?


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  1. I like Dark Victory. I think it was Bette Davis' favorite part.


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