Monday, June 4, 2012

Rosalind Russell: Books and Appearances.

Her autobiography, written with Chris Chase, Life Is a Banquet, was published a year after her death. In the foreword (written by her husband), he writes that Russell had a mental breakdown in 1944, the year she she did not make any films.

In 2009, a documentary film Life Is a Banquet: The Life of Rosalind Russell, narrated by Kathleen Turner, was shown at film festivals across the U.S. and on some PBS stations.

Video: is a movie clip from the documentary.


  1. Happy birthday, Miss Rosalind Russell!!

  2. Hi Dawn -- it's good to be at your beautiful site again. I hope you are well. I have always been a huge fan of Rosalind Russell, and I have been watching all of her movies today. Just watched Picnic, which I consider one of her finest performances. She makes you laugh and breaks your heart too in that one. Auntie Mame is next, and of course that's a real tour-de-force!

  3. Hey Becky!! It is good to see you on line again!! You made my day!! I'm doing great! I dodged a huge bullet and do not have to under go Chemo...

    I missed the Rosalind Russell, tribute on TCM. I had a very important 4 year old birthday party to attend.

  4. Dawn, 4 year old birthdays ALWAYS come first! LOL!


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