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Crime of Passion(1957)

Crime of Passion(1957). Crime film noir directed by Gerd Oswald and written by Jo Eisinger. Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Sterling Hayden, Raymond Burr and Fay Wray.

The story begins, as San Francisco newspaper reporter Kathy Ferguson, helps two Los Angeles homicide detectives, Capt. Charles Alidos and Lt. Bill Doyle, find the woman who has just killed her husband.

Soon after, Kathy's story impresses a important New York newspaper, who offer her a job with them.
She does not take the job, as she and Bill have fallen in love and move to Los Angeles, where they marry.

Kathy, quickly becomes bored with her role as a housewife and the card games with Bill's friends and their wives. Kathy, who can not take their company anymore decides to elevate their social life.

As luck would have it.. she has a fender-bender with Alice Pope, wife of Inspector Tony Pope. The two become fast friends and Kathy convinces Alice to let her plan a surprise birthday party for Tony. Which causes problems between Tony and Alidos, when he and his wife Sara miss the birthday party, as Kathy did not invite them.

Later, Kathy talks Bill into leaving the LAPD and join the Beverly Hills force, even-though he will lose his seniority. Tony refuses Bill's resignation, and promises him that he is planning to make changes within the department.

Kathy makes up a lie about Sara, gossiping about her and Tony having an affair, causing Bill to go to police headquarters in a rage and beating up Alidos. Bill and Alidos, decide not to tell Tony about the accusation.

Not, able to work together... Alidos, transfers to another division and Bill is promoted to captain. While Bill is out of town, Tony comes to tell Kathy that Alice has been hospitalized, because she can no longer take the pressures of his job.

Tony, now wanting to retire, Kathy makes the suggestion that Bill might replace him. Tony and Kathy fall into each others arms.

Later, when Kathy finds out that the Popes are moving to Honolulu, she meets with Tony where he ends their very brief affair. Tony, also tells her that he has decided not to nominate Bill for his job, as he thinks Bill is "not good enough," and plans to give the job to Alidos.

Later that night, while waiting for Bill at police headquarters, Kathy steals a gun from the evidence desk and goes to Tony's house, where she begs for Bill to be promoted. After, Tony tells her that he has always seen through her scheming ways, Kathy shoots and kills him.

Bill, is in charge of the investigation and when he discovers that the gun, is missing he realizes that Kathy had the opportunity to take it, he returns home where Kathy admits everything. Will Bill arrest his wife Kathy or let her go?

Barbara Stanwyck, gives a believable performance as a woman who, falls for the wrong man. As her hubby, Sterling Hayden, he plays the boring part of a man, who does not to see his wife, for what she really is. In a small but important role Raymond Burr, gives a perfect performance as Hayden's boss.

Fay Wray ( September 15, 1907 – August 8, 2004), her acting career spanned 57 years.

Wray attained international stardom as an actress in horror film roles, leading to many considering her as the first "scream queen".

Wray, was signed to Paramount Pictures as a teenager, where she made more than a dozen films.

After leaving Paramount, she signed deals with various film companies, being cast in her first horror film roles among many other types of roles, including: The Bowery (1933) and Viva Villa (1934), both huge productions starring Wallace Beery.

For RKO Radio Pictures, Inc., she starred in the film with which she is most identified, King Kong (1933).

After the success of King Kong, Wray performed in many major film roles and on television, finishing her acting career in 1980.


  1. BARBARA STANWYCK! What a screen Legend! Lovely Review, We absolutely love the movie, we've seen it dozens of times

  2. Liam and Pearl, Thank you. This was my first viewing of, Crime of Passion. As always Barbara Stanwyck, gives a great performance.


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