Friday, June 8, 2012


Here's a eerie list of classic movies which take place in CREEPY OLD MANSIONS, which will to keep you awake wondering what is lurking behind each corner and hiding under the bed.

The Spiral Staircase(1945).
Please click link to view past movie review. Spiral Staircase.

The Innocents (1961).
Please click on link to view past movie review. The Innocents.

The Black Cat(1934). It was the first of eight movies (six of which were produced by Universal) to pair actors Béla Lugosi and Boris Karloff. Edgar G. Ulmer directed the film; Peter Ruric,  wrote the screenplay. The classical music soundtrack, compiled by Heinz Eric Roemheld, is unusual for its time, because there is an almost continuous background score throughout the entire film.

Gaslight(1940). Directed by Thorold Dickinson, based on Patrick Hamilton's play Gas Light (1938) which stars Anton Walbrook, Diana Wynyard, and Frank Pettingell. This film, which adheres more closely to the original play than the 1944 MGM adaptation, was released in the United States under the title Angel Street to avoid confusion with the 1944 version, which stars Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman.


  1. I have to be very cautious about the kinds of "creepy mansion" movies I watch. I have struggled with fear since I was 8 years old, so I have to avoid most thrillers.

    That said, I do LOVE "Gaslight." I think Charles Boyer was fantastic in that role.

    Also, I enjoy "The Spiral Staircase," but the ending was very difficult for me. (Don't want to give too much away in case some of your readers haven't seen it, but I was hoping for another "bad guy.")

  2. The Art Deco mansion in The Black Cat is both creepy and awesome.

  3. Patti, Have you seen Gaslight(1940), version of the awesome classic?

    I agree.. "The Spiral Staircase," has a big surprise ending ..

    Kim, Now, I'm disappointed that I missed "The Black Cat". I love "Art Deco" and would have watched in for that reason alone. :)

    Kristen, Please come back and let me know how much you liked it.

  4. I've got to add the mansion in 1963's The Haunting. It was practically an extra character in the film.


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