Friday, May 18, 2012

What N and CF will be watching this coming week on TCM.

ON TCM MAY 20 TH A 3 MOVIE JIMMY STEWART TRIBUTE. Bell Book Candle(1959), The Far Country (1954) and The Spirit Of St. Louis(1957). Please click here to read Bell Book Candle movie review

 ON TCM MAY 21ST: WHEN LADIES MEET (1933). A Pre-Code film starring Ann Harding, Myrna Loy, Robert Montgomery, and Alice Brady.

ON TCM MAY 22 ND. A 4 MOVIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURENCE OLIVIER TRIBUTE. The Beggars' Opera(1953), Term of Trial(1962), Battle of Britain (1968) and Clash of the Titans(1981). Please click picture on side bar to learn more.

For those of you who do not have TCM ...The full length movie: The Beggars' Opera(1953).

FOR THE FIRST TIME ON TCM MAY 23RD: CATTLE DRIVE(1951). A western film directed by Kurt Neumann and starring Joel McCrea. Much of the film was shot in the Death Valley National Park, California and Paria, Utah.

Video: First of 8.

FOR THE FIRST TIME ON TCM MAY 24TH: THE VALACHI PAPERS(1972). Cast: Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland. Adapted from the book The Valachi Papers by Peter Maas, it tells the true story of Joseph Valachi, who was the first Mafia informant in the early 1960s. The film was produced in Italy, with many scenes dubbed into English. Video: Full length movie.

MAY 26TH. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUKE. In June 1999, the American Film Institute named Wayne 13th among the Greatest Male Screen Legends of All Time. Please click picture to learn more.

Full length John Wayne movie: Red River.

Article of the week is from: Distant Voices and Flickering Shadows: Making Connection between two actresses. Whistling gypsy says: The Making A Connection series of posts began with the simple idea of highlighting an actor or actress who I have enjoyed in a few films, and found interesting enough to want to know more about him or her. I thought the idea of using photos of the person in a film talking on the phone would act as a clever visual pun on the phrase making a connection. However, when I began the series of posts, I didn’t anticipate one of my choices would include an actress whose filmography was so sparse that I had already seen many of her well-known titles. I also didn’t imagine this would lead to my featuring two actresses with very similar names to make the connection stronger. I knew I wanted to feature Ann Richards as star of the month at some point, she had, after all, appeared in a film in which a telephone plays a pivotal role. This proved a bit of a challenge and my original choice for May has evolved into two actresses named Shirley. Please click link to read more.

Have a Great weekend!!


  1. Gee, I haven't seen Captains Courageous on the Range aka Cattle Drive in ages! Hooray for TCM.

  2. Dear Dawn, thank you so much for selecting my "Making A Connection" article as part of your weekly highlights. "Bell, Book and Candle" is one of my favorite films to watch at Christmas; it's just plain quirky fun. I've seen both versions of "When Ladies Meet" a few times, and I prefer the Myrna Loy and Ann Harding film. I didn't realize that Laurence Olivier's birthday anniversary is in May and I'm looking forward to "Beggar's Opera"(great photo of L.O., he's quite beautiful).

  3. Caftan Woman, I think this will be the first time I have seen the classic, "Cattle Drive". I hope to see it so I can write a movie review..

    Whistlingypsy, Your welcome. I love the classic film, "Bell, Book and Candle" and watch it whenever it comes on. I do not think I have seen this version of "When Ladies Meet". I can't wait.

  4. Dawn, you had me at BELL, BOOK, AND CANDLE, but I'm curious to see THE VALACHI PAPERS, too! My parents wouldn't let me watch it as a young'un, but once I grew up, wow! That was intense! Great round-up, as always! Hope you're continuing to do well, my friend!

  5. DorianTB, Thank you. I felt strong enough to go for a short walk this morning. I have a pre-op appointment scheduled for Tuesday. To see where I go from here.


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