Friday, May 11, 2012

What N and CF will be watching this week on TCM.

ON TCM MAY 11TH. MURDERERS ROW(1966). Comedy-spy-fi film starring Dean Martin and very loosely based upon the Matt Helm spy novel Murderers' Row by Donald Hamilton, which was published in 1962. Please click picture on side bar for more info.


Bringing Up Baby(1938), Posted below: All About Me Interview (1993), Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner(1967) and Adam's Rib(1949).

ON TCM MAY 13TH: TORRENT(1926). Torrent was the first American film starring Swedish actress Greta Garbo. Please click picture on side bar for more info.

ON TCM MAY 14TH: STAGE DOOR(1937). Please click picture on side bar for more info on this RKO film, adapted from the play by the same name, that tells the story of several would-be actresses who live together in a boarding house at 158 West 58th Street in New York City. The film stars Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Adolphe Menjou, Gail Patrick, Constance Collier, Andrea Leeds, Samuel S. Hinds and Lucille Ball. Eve Arden and Ann Miller, who became notable in later films, play minor characters.


ON TCM MAY 15TH: A HAPPY BIRTHDAY 4 MOVIE TRIBUTE FOR JOSEPH COTTON. Under Capricorn (1949) full length movie posted below, The Man With A Cloak(1951), The Steel Trap(1952) and Niagara(1952). Please click picture on side bar to learn more.

ON TCM MAY 16TH: A 6 MOVIE HENRY FONDA MOVIE TRIBUTE. The Male Animal (1942) video clip posted below, The Long Night (1947), Fort Apache(1948), Mister Roberts (1955), Stage Struck(1958) and Advise and Consent(1962). Please click picture on side bar for more info.

ON TCM MAY 17 TH: THE WRONG MAN (1956).   Please click picture on side bar to read the review about a true story which Hitchcock made into a movie. Starring Henry Fonda and Vera Miles.

ON TCM MAY 18TH: THE MIRACLE WOMAN(1931). A story about a woman preacher (Barbara Stanwyck, in a role inspired by Aimee Semple McPherson) and the blind man who loves her (David Manners). Directed by Frank Capra, it was the second of his five film collaborations with Stanwyck. It was based on John Meehan and Robert Riskin's play Bless You, Sister.

Article of the week will be back next week..


  1. What a wonderful week of films on TCM. And what a terrific post Dawn. Great lead off photo in Ann-Margret. I just watched Murderer's Row a few months ago and loved it. So good to have you back Dawn. Everyone missed you. I hope I did enough while you away...I tried to anyway.

  2. Monty, I'm so glad that you had the opportunity to see the fun classic Murderer's Row. I added it to my DVD collection last year.

    I'm glad to be back. I really missed blogging with my blogging friends.

    You did an awesome job. I could not have asked for more.. You are a very sweet friend.. Thank you.

  3. Hi Dawn, hope you're having a good day.

    That pix of Ann-Margret brought back memories of the time I met her while I was working for Cosmo - many eons ago.

    She was part of fashion photo shoot where she was supposed to be at a party surrounded by handsome men. (I know, I know, life is hard for some of us.) The best part was that I got to help pick the handsome men as the fashion editor's assistant.

    Those were the good old days.

    Anyway, Ann-Margret wore a fabulous pink satin gown. But the fun part really was meeting her and working with her. She was a hoot. So sweet and soft-spoken and just another gal. She worried about her hair and had the same sorts of concerns you or I might have in the same circumstancess. Not at all the glamorous movie star with airs. I might even say she behaved as one of the gang.

    Later, she invited us to a club and stopped by our table to say hello and chat. A very nice lady.

  4. Yvette, I always love it when others have interesting celeb stories to share with us..

    Ann-Margret, was a beautiful lady I'm glad to hear that she was a nice person too...

    How awesome that you worked for Cosmo.. I used to read that magazine once a month when I was working in fashion.. I used to model bathing suits and designer jeans, for the woman's clothing store, I was working for many years ago. Us girls have to keep up with the fashion trends..

    I also wanted to tell you that you have an amazing blog. For those who have not yet checked out Yvette's blog, you are in for a treat..

  5. Dawn, we're so happy to have you back among us! As if your great roundups of upcoming movies such as Hitchcock's THE WRONG MAN and UNDER CAPRICORN, Barbara Stanwyck, and your pictures and trailer from MURDERER'S ROW (one of my faves among the wild and crazy Dean Martin/Matt Helm movies) weren't already entertaining and newsworthy, thanks to our dear pal Yvette, you've also included a wonderful bonus anecdote about meeting up with Ann-Margret, one of Team Bartilucci's faves! Thanks for the memories, my friend!

  6. This summer on TCM looks fantastic!

  7. Dawn, skip The Miracle Woman. I love Stanwyck, but this film wasn't all that good.

  8. DorianTB, Thank you. I'm so glad to get back to a somewhat normal life. It has been a wild ride..

    I have not yet see the classics: UNDER CAPRICORN and MIRACLE WOMAN.

    Kristen, If you have not yet seen, THE WRONG MAN, I do not think you will be disappointed.

    Kim, bummer.. I did not know that Stanwyck, did a bad film.

  9. Dawn, I'm looking forward to the films of Joseph Cotten on his birthday. I've seen all of those TCM has scheduled, but "The Man with a Cloak" and "The Steel Trap" are the two I'm not that familiar with. I've always loved him in "Niagara" with MM - he portrayed unbalanced killers to perfection. I'm not sure anything could have saved "Under Capricorn," though he was very good in it.

    As always, N & CF has highlighted some of TCM's best for the coming week.

  10. The Lady Eve, I never really thought that I was a Joseph Cotten, fan. Although, I have loved all the movies that he performed in and try to watch all his films..


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