Sunday, March 4, 2012

We're off and running....

I decided to go ahead and start the tourney tonight so I wouldn't be rushed in the morning before heading out for work. So I have the polls in the right sidebar set to run thru Wednesday night 8 pm EST. And unless there is a tie somewhere I will start the other two categories (Funny Ladies/Girls Next Door and Singers/Dancers) on Thursday. Only one vote per match is allowed. I will post updates to see who is winning and losing. Good luck to all the talented actresses that are competing. My pick to win this era...the divine Elizabeth Taylor of course! Oh and here are the links to the other sites to vote on the other three eras: all good things, mythicalmonkey, rosalind-russell


  1. Ack. Putting Dorothy Malone against Audrey Hepburn is so freaking unfair. :( I adore Audrey and she should win, but Malone is awesome and far too underappreciated.

    Also, go Gloria Grahame!

  2. Jandy, I'm with you .Monty not fair, how the 3@#$^TYU could you put Ava up against my girl Gloria?

  3. Sorry guys..just the way they fell..but I know what you mean..Ava vs Gloria..a very hard decision for me too. And much as I love Audrey, I'm going with Dorothy on this one.

  4. These are some great polls! + Tricky though



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