Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tournament: Day Two Update.

Monty says: Day Two had a few interesting changes in some matches. But most of the top seeds continue to roll quite easily in their matches. Such as Greta Garbo just laying waste to Anna May Wong 58-12 or Barbara Stanwyck destroying Miriam Hopkins 61-12. So I won't waste time in talking about the blow-out matches. Instead I will focus on the close matches that appear will go down to the wire.

Mary and Janet are going at it..big time!

In the silent/30's era, there are two really tight matches. Mary Pickford and Janet Gaynor have been battling back and forth for the past two days, and Pickford currently has a two point edge 37-35. That could change by the time I finish this post. And Clara Bow is leading Louise Brooks by a slim 37-33 advantage. Both these matches should have thrilling finishes. Also 'Stormin' Norma Shearer has stormed back in her match with Joan Crawford to the count of 41-32. At one point Norma was down by as many as 19 points. Look out Joan.

Gene looks a little worried as she can't quite pull away from Greer

In the 40's era, there is really only one close match..Greer Garson vs Gene Tierney. The lead has changed hands many times but now Gene leads 36-28. But I don't think that lead is safe, what with a whole day left. The other matches in this era are pretty much over with every other top seed winning by a comfortable margin.

In the 50's era, we have two potential comebacks brewing. In one match Anne Baxter has pulled to within 1 point of Eleanor Parker by the score of 31-30. At one point, Parker had a sizable lead of 13 points. That has been erased as Baxter is on the move. And in the other match which is getting tight, Deborah Kerr has seen her 16 point lead over Kim Novak dwindle to 11 with the tally of 42-31. My oh my!

And finally in the 60's era, we have two really close matches going on. Liv Ullman and Susannah York have a doozy of a match going on. Early on York was up by as many as 8 points and then Ullman rallied back to take a 3 point lead. The current score has York leading by a single point, 27-26. Wow! And just the other day I said Brigitte Bardot was getting walloped by Claudia Cardinale by a 13 point margin. Well guess what, Brigitte has made one hell of a comeback to tie Claudia 26-26. Folks, we got some barn-burners going on right now and this is just the first round. I'm loving it. I will be back tomorrow to post all the Day 3 action. Stay tuned!

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  1. Come on Mary Pickford !!

    You can do it.. Norma Shearer!

    Hang in there Gene Tierney!

    Doing good Brigitte Bardot!

    Only 3 hours left..oh my!!


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