Friday, March 30, 2012

This Week On N and CF.

April's Star of the Month and Birthday Girl: Doris Day. Please click picture on side-bar to view Monty's and my, Doris Day Page.

On TCM April 1st: The Long, Long Trailer(1953). The Long, Long Trailer is also a novel by Clinton Twiss from the 1950s, about a couple who buy a new travel trailer home and spend a year traveling across the United States.

On TCM April 2nd- 3rd. Doris Day Movies. The Lullaby of Broadway(1951), By The Light of the Silvery Moon(1953), My Dream is Yours(1949), On Moonlight Bay(1951), Romance on the High Seas(1948), Tea For Two (1950), It's a Great Feeling(1949), Starlift(1951), Lover Come Back(1961), That Touch of Mink(1962), Move Over Darling(1963), Do Not Disturb(1965), The Tunnel Of Love(1958), Lucky Me(1954), Billy Rose's Jumbo(1962).

ON TCM April 4th: Doris Day Movie Day. Midnight Lace(1960), Storm Warning(1951), The Winning Team(1952), Julie(1956), The west Point Story(1950).

Happy Birthday: Gregory Peck. (April 5, 1916 – June 12, 2003) Peck's first film, Days of Glory (1944). He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor five times, four of which came in his first five years of film acting: for The Keys of the Kingdom (1944), The Yearling (1946), Gentleman's Agreement (1947) and Twelve O'Clock High (1949). TCM's birthday line up: Days of Glory(1944), The Valley of Decision(1945), The Yearling(1946), The Great Sinner(1949), Hornblower(1951), Man With a Million(1954), The Purple Plain(1954). Please click picture on side bar for more info.

ON TCM April 5th. Doris Day Movie Line up: Please Don't Eat The Daisies (1960), The Thrill of it All(1963), The Glass Bottom Boat(1966), It Happened To Jane(1959), April In Paris(1952).

On TCM April 6th. Edward G. Robinson Movie Day Line Up. Is best remembered for his roles as gangsters, such as Rico in his star-making film Little Caesar and as Rocco in Key Largo. Other memorable roles include Barton Keyes in the film noir Double Indemnity, and as Dathan in The Ten Commandments. Robinson was selected for an Honorary Academy Award for his work in the film industry, which was posthumously awarded two months after the actor's death in 1973. Please click picture on side bar to read past movie reviews. TCM Line Up: I Loved A Woman(1933), The Man With Two Faces(1934), The Whole Town's Talking(1935), The Last Gangster(1937), The Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse(1938), Big Leaguer(1953), Love Me Or Leave Me(1955).

ON TCM April 6th: Doris Day Movie Line Up: Love Me Or Leave Me(1955), Young Man With A Horn(1950), I Will See You In My Dreams(1951).

Happy Birthday: Bette Davis.(April 5, 1908 – October 6, 1989). Davis and her mother traveled by train to Hollywood, arriving on December 13, 1930. She was surprise that nobody from the studio was there to meet her. A studio employee had waited for her, but left because he saw nobody who "looked like an actress". She failed her first screen test but was used in many screen tests for other actors. Please click picture on side bar to read past movie reviews.

Happy Birthday: Spencer Tracy. April 5, 1900 – June 10, 1967) One of the scouts who saw Tracy in, The Last Mile was director John Ford. Ford's next picture was set to be a prison movie, and he wanted Tracy for the lead role. Production company Fox said that he did not photograph well in make-up. Ford convinced them that Tracy did not need it, and he was cast in the movie. Up the River (1930) was the film debut of both Tracy and Humphrey Bogart. After seeing the rushes, Fox offered Tracy a long-term contract. Knowing that he needed the money for his family—his young son was deaf and recovering from polio—Tracy signed with Fox and moved to California. Please click picture on side bar to read past movie reviews.

On TCM April 7th: Rita Hayworth Movie Day. The first dancer featured on film as a partner of both the stars Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, Hayworth appeared in a total of 61 films over 37 years. Please click picture on side bar to read past movie reviews. TCM's Movie Line Up: Gilda (1946), The Lady from Shanghai(1948), Fire Down Blow (1957), The Happy Thieve (1962), The Lady in Question(1940), Affair In Trinidad(1952).

Article of the week is from Rick over at Classic Film TV Blogspot: Movie Monsters A To Z. A fun list of those creepy crawly films you like to watch when you can not sleep..


  1. April 5th is quite the day for talent being born, isn't it?

    I'm especially excited that "Midnight Lace" is being aired. I caught it on VHS about 4 years ago...really liked it. But since my VHS player is a thing of the past, I've needed TCM to air it so I can get my own disc recorded. This is the first I've seen them airing it. I really like that film. I don't do scary, but I made it through that one...of course, I covered my eyes and peered through my fingers, but at least it didn't have me sleeping with a knife beside my bed.

    Have a great weekend,

  2. "Midnight Lace", is a great film. I can not wait to see it. It maybe the only Doris Day movie, I do not have in my Doris Day movie collection.

    I'm really looking forward to, Edward G. Robinson Movie Day. There are several movies, I have not yet seen, coming on.

  3. I'm so excited for the Doris Day films!! It's my chance to finally see some that I've never seen before. My TV is going to be set on TCM.


  4. It is going to be a great month for all Doris Day fans. :)

  5. Dawn - I always like to check in on your "This Week" post to see what's coming up on TCM. Loved the Bette Davis clip you included this week. She wasn't one to sugar-coat her opinions, was she?

  6. Bette Davis, is great! You know she is going to say something snarky..


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