Thursday, January 19, 2012

A big Welcome to CMBA's newest blogs!!

A big Welcome to CMBA's newest blogs:
Blame Mame
Frankly My Dear
Lindsay's Moving Musings Please click here.
Random Ramblings of a Broadway, and Film TV Fan
Shadows and Satin

They have all been added to the CMBA blog roll on our web site and are included in the membership directory.


  1. Good members of the CMBA should add these new members to their own blog rolls as well.

  2. What a nice idea, Dawn. You are our Welcome Wagon! I second your motion -- welcome new folks!

  3. The CMBA, has always made me feel welcome... :)

  4. Thanks Dawn! I am honored to join CMBA!

  5. Gilby, I'm so happy that you are part of the CMBA family!

  6. Wow, Dawn, it's like welcoming new siblings into the CMBA family! I already read and enjoy Karen's smart and sleek SHADOWS AND SATIN, as well as Gilby's wonderful RANDOM RAMBLINGS..., and I'm looking forward to meeting the folks behind BLAME MAME, FRANKLY MY DEAR, and LINDSAY'S MOVING MUSINGS. Welcome, everyone!

  7. I'm starting to think that I need to change my side bar to make room for our growing family. :)


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