Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beep beep'm beep beep yeah!

The following is a list of the cars that Marilyn Monroe owned, as well as the cars that she drove or was driven in.

1. The Bolenders' Model-I Ford-Hawthorne, 1926-32.

2. Jim Dougherty's blue 1940 coupe.

3, Jim Dougherty's 1935 Ford sports car-which Norma Jeane kept after the divorce.

4. A 1948 Ford convertible-which MM purchased when she began to make money and which was soon repossessed.

5. A 1950 Pontiac convertible.

6. A black Cadillac convertible-probably the Cadillac that MM received for appearing on "The Jack Benny Show," 1953-54.

7 Joe DiMaggio's black Cadillac.

8. A black Thunderbird sports car-the car MM drove when she moved to New York in 1956.

9. Arthur Miller's Jaguar-New York, circa 1957.

10. A white Cadillac-the car MM drove during the 1960 location shooting of The Misfits. It was probably rented.


  1. For someone who owns a 14 year old Saturn, that set of autos is pretty impressive! Boy that top picture! Is there a man alive who would not stop to change her tire?!

  2. What a great post... great pictures too. Ive never thought about the cars that star's had.

  3. Becky, I also have a Singer, but mine is white and plugs into the wall.

    Graig, Thank you. I'm planning a new series here on N and CF called, Beep beep'm beep beep yeah! I hope those who visit will enjoy seeing star's posing with their beautiful cars.

  4. Dawn, I'm not sure what you mean about a Singer...are you talking about the sewing machine? I'm confused!!

  5. The car at the top.. if you look close on the front bumper, is called a Singer. LOL.. my Singer... is a sewing machine. :)

  6. Great post! Even though I am not a Marilyn fan :) I am wondering why she is propped up on her singer in the middle of the day in an evening gown? Oh Marilyn...

  7. Marilyn and the black Cadillac convertible - what a perfectly glamorous combo. Great idea, Dawn - "the cars of the stars" - and great pix, too.

  8. Marilyn is the best accessory any of these cards could have!

  9. Emily, Thank you. I think she was just getting her glam on. :)

    Eve, Thank you.. I have found some beautiful cars of the stars pictures to share. I'm far from a car expert, but I will do my best.

    FlickChick, I agree..


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