Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Silent Film Star: Vola Vale.

Vola Vale(February 12, 1897 - October 17, 1970), she was thought of as one of the screen's most beautiful women. She began her career in amateur theatricals in New York.

Her first movie experience was with Biograph, with film director D.W. Griffith. After a month of playing small parts, Vola was offered a genuine role and was soon she performing in short reel films for Biograph.

With Sessue Hayakawa she made, Each To His Kind (1917). Before filming began it was decided that the name Smith was too common to be used by a motion picture star. She changed her professional name to Vola Vale.

She was a member of Our Club, a group of seventeen of Hollywood's baby cinema stars. Mary Pickford served as honorary president. Fellow members were Mildred Davis, Helen Ferguson, Patsy Ruth Miller, Clara Horton, Gertrude Olmstead, Laura La Plante, Virginia Fox, Colleen Moore, ZaSu Pitts, Lois Wilson, May McAvoy, Gloria Hope, Virginia Valli, Carmel Myers, Edna Murphy, and Carmelita Geraghty.

Vola Vale Films:

1932 Tomorrow and Tomorrow
1927 Black Tears
1926/II Home Sweet Home
1926 The Sky Pirate
1926 Two Can Play
1926 Her Big Adventure
1925 Little Annie Rooney
1925 Heartless Husbands
1925 Who Cares
1924 The Mirage
1923 The Midnight Flower
1923 Mothers-in-Law
1923 The Man Between
1923 Soul of the Beast
1923 Crashin' Thru
1922 Good Men and True
1921 White Oak
1921 The Duke of Chimney Butte
1921 Singing River
1920 The Iron Rider
1920 Someone in the House
1920 The Purple Cipher
1920 A Master Stroke
1920 Alias Jimmy Valentine
1920 Overland Red
1920 Common Sense
1919 Someone Must Pay
1919 Six Feet Four
1919 Hornet's Nest
1919 Hearts Asleep
1919 A Heart in Pawn
1919 Happy Though Married
1918 The Locked Heart
1918 Wolves of the Rail
1917 Zollenstein
1917 The Silent Man
1917 The Lady in the Library
1917 The Son of His Father
1917 The Bond Between
1917 Mentioned in Confidence
1917 The Winning of Sally Temple
1917 Each to His Kind


  1. Hi - just a quick: thank you for all those silent film bios - love them! so many people who did so much work - so many to find out about! Thank you Dawn for showing them!

  2. Thank you Irene, The Silent film bios are so much fun to share.. I'm glad that you are enjoying them too.


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