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The Green Glove(1952).

The Green Glove (1952). Starring: Glenn Ford, Geraldine Brooks and George Macready. Directed by Rudolph Mate. The movie was shot mostly on location in France and Monaco. It was based on actions that took place during Operation Dragoon.

In the village of St. Elizar, Father Goron, is happy to hear the church bells ring for the first time since they were stolen during World War II. As the villagers head towards the church, the priest finds a dead man in the bell tower.

Years earlier, just after the invasion of France, American paratrooper Lt. Michael Blake, hides an abandoned building where he finds German art dealer, Count Paul Rona. When Michael tries to arrest him, Rona bargains for his life, by telling him that the German Army will attack at dawn and he hides the bejeweled green glove, in Michael's backpack. A bomb explodes knocking Michael unconscious, when he comes to he finds that agents Countess and Pierre, have brought him back to their chateau. Michael, has the Countess's son, Robert, inform his Allies about the German's plans for attack. They hear the Germans have retreated and Michael realizes Rona lied to him. Soon after, people carry in Robert's dead body. Michael, insists that they keep his bag with the green glove.

Years later, Michael returns to Paris, hoping to find the green glove and sell it. On the Eiffel Tower, tour guide Chris Kenneth helps him escape from, Conrad Verno. When he sees her later, they spend the night together. Verno's dead body is found in Michael's hotel room. Soon after, Michael leaves for the train station. Faubert, has him followed, as does Rona, who is also searching for the glove. Chris surprises Michael by joining him on the train. They soon realize they are being followed, while on board, Pepe, kills Faubert's detective. Michael travels to the Countess's chateau and blames himself for its ruin. Rona, arrives with four of his men and tells them that they are suspected of the detective's murder. When, police arrive Rona's men make a run for it and Michael falls into one of the hidden rooms of the Countess and Pierre, who have rescued Chris. When Pierre hands Michael's bag back to him, the Countess, who still believes that Robert will return, sees the gauntlet and snaps back to reality.

Back on the road, the rain forces them to take shelter at an inn, where he sees Chris's picture in the newspaper. When he tells her he is going to turn himself in to save her, she locks him her room. The next day, he sends her to Monte Carlo, to find Rona and trick him into following Michael while he returns the gauntlet to the church. She is then to call Faubert, so he can catch Rona in the act of stealing the glove. Things do not go as planned and she is abducted by Pepe while Rona and his men go after Michael, who manages to jump the church wall and ring the bells. Rona, tries to stop him but, he is accidentally shot by his own men. As the priest finds Rona's dead body, Michael replaces the glove.

The settings and scenery of the mountains and the villages are my favorite part of the movie. The scenery of southern France creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Video: First of 5.

Geraldine Brooks(October 29, 1925 – June 19, 1977). Her father, James Stroock, owned a top costume company and mother, Bianca, was a costume designer and stylist. She attended the Hunter Modeling School as a young teen and graduated from Julia Richman High School in 1942 as president of her drama club. Older sister, Gloria Stroock, also became an actress.

In New York, Geraldine studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Art and the Neighborhood Playhouse before apprenticing in summer stock productions. In a pre-Broadway tryout of "Follow the Girls" (1944). Following her role, she was signed by Warner Bros. and made her film debut in the mystery thriller, Cry Wolf (1947) starring Barbara Stanwyck and Errol Flynn. In her second movie, Possessed (1947), she is at odds with Joan Crawford, but shows more sensitivity in this film-noir chiller.

Geraldine moved into dramatic lead with, Embraceable You (1948) opposite Dane Clark, and played daughter to real wife-and-husband team Fredric March and Florence Eldridge in, An Act of Murder (1948). Less impressive was the Warner Bros. "B" western, The Younger Brothers (1949) and her MGM loan out performance, Challenge to Lassie (1949).

After, she became a member of the Actor's Studio she performed in only two films, Street of Sinners (1957) and Johnny Tiger (1966). She made many performances guesting on popular TV series: "Perry Mason" (1957), "The Defenders" (1961), "Bus Stop" (1961) (for which she earned an Emmy nomination), the pilot of "Ironside" (1967) and the last final episode of "The Fugitive" (1963). A regular as Dan Dailey's secretary on, "Faraday and Company" (1973), she also appeared in, "Kung Fu" (1972), "Cannon" (1971), "Barnaby Jones" (1973) and "McMillan and Wife" (1971), the last in which sister, Gloria Stroock, had a recurring role as Rock Hudson's secretary. Her final movie was, Mr. Ricco (1975) alongside Dean Martin.


  1. I'm having trouble leaving a comment, Dawn, but I'll try again. This movie sounds good. I love the title, and I LOVE Glenn Ford. I also remember liking Geraldine very much in her television appearances. Good post about a movie I really would like to see. Thanks so much for the videos!

  2. Thank you Becky, I always try and find a video for those of you who do not have TCM.


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