Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ever Since Eve (1937).

Ever Since Eve (1937). Romantic comedy. Cast Marion Davies (in her final film) and Robert Montgomery.

Marge Winton, finds herself quiting yet another job to avoid the advances of her boss. She decides to give herself a unmake over, by wearing a dark wig, glasses, and a unflattering dress. Book publisher Abigail Belldon, thinks she is perfect and hires her as a secretary for writer, Freddy Matthews. Freddy, would rather go out and party with his girlfriend Camille, than work on his novel. Abigail, has already sold the film rights, and the deadline for the film studio is fast approaching.

Marge, begins to fall in love with Freddy and when she thinks about sabotaging his relationship with Camille, she thinks it is better to leave.

Freddy shows up at her apartment unexpectedly and sees her without her disguise, so she pretends to be her roommate Sadie. They spend the evening and part of the morning falling in love.

Marge pretends to be leaving town for a few weeks, but, her plan backfires, when Freddie chases after her. Camille finds out and is not far behind. At the hotel, Marge registers first as the secretary, then as Sadie, to keep Freddie from finding out and finishes the novel on her own. Will Freddie ever realizes that they are one and the same?

Marion, really looks like she's having a lot of fun in this movie.

Frank McHugh (May 23, 1898 – September 11, 1981). Warner Bros. hired him as a contract player in 1930.

McHugh played everything from lead actor to sidekick.

He performed in over 150 films and TV shows.

He was a close friend of James Cagney and performed in more Cagney movies than any other actor. He performed with him in eleven movies between 1932 and 1953. Their friendship lasted until McHugh's death.

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  1. oh - have to put that one on my to watch list! Frank McHugh is so very likable..


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