Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stranger in Town (1932).

Stranger in Town (1932). Directed by Erle C. Kenton. With Charles 'Chic' Sale, Ann Dvorak, David Manners and Raymond Hatton.

Crickle, is postmaster and runs a small town grocery store. His business is threatened when a chain of large grocery stores opens in town, which will be managed by Jerry. As luck would have it, Crickle's granddaughter Marian, marries him against her grandfather's wishes. When the local canning company goes out of business and the bank closes, Crickle offers to trade his groceries for produce. The chain gets their wholesale suppliers to boycott Crickle. Marian, believes that Jerry is behind all this and leaves him. Jerry goes to the wholesalers, and buys a truck load of groceries. He loads the groceries into Crickle's truck, and together they leave before the wholesalers can stop them. Hilliker, the town constable stops the truck on the edge of town, and starts to remove the groceries. After Crickle, crashes his truck into Hilliker's car, the truck smashes into a tree in front of Crickle's store. When Marian learns the truth, will she reunite with Jerry?

Ann’s part in this one is very typical of the many bland leading lady roles she was subjected to at the hands of Warner Bros. between 1932-1936. This comedy was Ann’s second pairing with David Manners in 1932, the first being Crooner. This was also a reunion for Ann and Chic Sale.

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