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Loving Lucy Blogathon.

Lucille Ball (August 6, 1911 – April 26, 1989). Lucy had one of Hollywood's longest careers, she began acting in the 1930s, becoming both a radio actress and B-movie star in the 1940s, and then a television star during the 1950s. She was still making films in the 1960s and 1970s.

Ball received thirteen Emmy Award nominations and four wins. In 1977 Ball was among the first recipients of the Women in Film Crystal Award. She was the recipient of the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award in 1979, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Kennedy Center Honors in 1986 and the Governors Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 1989.

In 1929, Ball worked as model began her performing career on Broadway using the stage name Dianne Belmont. She performed in many small movie roles for RKO Radio Pictures. Ball was labeled as the "Queen of the Bs".

In 1951, Ball was a big part in the creation of the television series I Love Lucy and "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour". Ball went on to star in two more successful television series: The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy and Life with Lucy.

Lucy married Cuban bandleader Desi Arnaz in 1940. On July 17, 1951, almost 40 years old, Ball gave birth to their first child, Lucie Désirée Arnaz. A year and a half later, Ball gave birth to their second child,  Desi Arnaz, Jr. Ball and Arnaz divorced on May 4, 1960. She then married her second husband, stand up comedian and business partner Gary Morton, for twenty-eight years.

Personal Quote:

"Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead".

One of my favorite Lucy movies is, Panama Lady(1939). A story about Lucy, a cabaret girl, who loses her job and is stranded in Panama. With no one to turn to, agrees to join up with Lenore and Pearl, who plan on knocking out and robbing, Dennis McTeague. When he comes to, he calls the police, not wanting to go to jail, Lucy agrees to travel with him to South America, where he is drilling for oil, and works for him as his housekeeper. Before leaving, Lucy leaves a note for Roy Harmon, her boyfriend, telling him where she is going. When Roy, a smuggler, reads the note, he has just been raided, blaming Lucy for tipping off his enemies, goes looking for her.

It is not long before Lucy, falls in love with McTeague, which makes Cheema, his girl friend jealous. Roy, arrives just as McTeague strikes oil and decides to steal his claim, but.. Cheema, kills him and then frames Lucy, for the murder. Will McTeague, be able to save her from the lie?

I really enjoyed watching Lucy's electric performance in which she steals every scene, in this "B" film Lucy Recardo, she is not!

One of my favorite lines in the movie is: "I'm going to take just one more crack at making a gentleman out of you, and if that doesn't work, we're really in trouble!"

Please click here to learn more about Lucy.


  1. You have me interested in "Panama Lady". I'm sorry I missed it on TCM this morning. Next time!

    Grand photos with your tribute.

  2. Doggone it...I meant to get Panama Lady, too (I got distracted by Me-TV's Lucy Marathon!). I will have to remind myself that both of her Annabel movies are on later in the a.m. tomorrow.

    And I agree with C.W. -- the photos are exquisite.

  3. Fabulous photos, Dawn. I've never seen any of them before. So this is a first for me. :)

  4. I've never seen Panama Lady! Now that I am TCM-less (sigh), I'll have to find it somewhere else! Wonderful addition to the Lucy blogathon, Dawn. I like your history of Lucy's career, and of couse agree with the tohers -- fabulous pics...I remember seeing Lucy in a walk-on part for the Astaire/Rogers number "Let's Face the Music and Dance." My very favorite of theirs, actually. She is a blonde, and looked so funny to me!

  5. Caftan Woman, Thank you. I think, you would have really enjoyed watching the film, Panama Lady.

    Ivan G. Shreve, Jr., Thank you, Lucy was a very beautiful young woman and took many wonderful pictures. Hopefully, TCM will play the film, Panama Lady, again very soon.

    Yvette, Thank you and thank you for stopping by.

    ClassicBecky, Thank you. I'm not able to record movies from the TV, or.. I would send you guys copies of the film, Panama Lady.

    I also remember Lucy's, walk-on part in the film, "Let's Face the Music and Dance." Lucy, was awesome as a blonde.

  6. Dawn, I really enjoyed your review of PANAMA LADY and the interesting clips, photos, and tidbits about Lucy's life! She looked great as a blonde, but the way I see it, there are already plenty of beautiful blondes in the world; we need more redheads to balance things out! :-)

  7. Hi Dawn - Great post (as always) and pix (as always, too). This blogathon has really intensified my interest in all things Lucy and you've inspired me to put one more item on my "Lucy To-Do List" - see "Panama Lady." Thanks for a great Lucille Ball tribute.

  8. I enjoyed reading this post, Dawn! Like Ivan and Caftan Woman, I missed catching Panama Lady yesterday morning on TCM, and I was kicking myself about it. I'm glad to see that you embedded the "Finding Lucy" video. I first saw it several years ago and thought it was a brilliant tribute to Lucy--one of the best I've come across.

    Thank you so much for participating in the blogathon--we were so glad you joined us!

  9. DorianTB, Thank you. I think, Lucy.. felt the same way as you, about there being a need for more red heads. :)

    The Lady Eve, Thank you. I really hope TCM plays the film, Panama Lady again. I will keep an eye out for it and let you guys know.

    Brandie, Thank you, for putting together the Lucy Blogathon. It was a great sucess.


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