Monday, August 15, 2011

Jessica Lange "Looks like" Barbara Bedford.

Jessica Lange, (born April 20, 1949), best known for her performances in Frances, and Tootsie. Both from 1982, for which she was nominated on Oscars in two categories at the same time. Her other well known roles were in the films, Sweet Dreams (1985), in Blue Sky (1994), A Streetcar Named Desire (1995), Normal (2003), Grey Gardens (2009).

Barbara Bedford (19 July 1900—25 October 1981). She wanted to perform on the silver screen after graduating from High School and set out for Hollywood, where she impressed Lambert Hillyer, with her beauty and charm. Despite the fact that she had no stage or screen experience, he cast her for a role in, The Cradle of Courage (1920). She starred in the 1927 silent film, Mockery with Lon Chaney. The story takes place in Siberia, during the Russian Civil War. Peasant Sergei, is searching for food, when He meets a mysterious young woman traveling to the town of Novokursk. She asks Sergei to tell people along the way that he is her husband. Even though they do not really look like a couple. They find an abandoned house where they rest...

but... a stranger is hiding inside. Sergei soaks the woman's feet and makes a bed for her. The stranger comes out of hiding and is soon joined by his friends, who beat Sergei. The two are rescued by White cavalry. The woman turns out to be, Countess Alexandrova. In Novokursk, the countess stays with the wealthy Gaidaroff family. After Sergei leaves hospital, he goes to see the countess, who finds him a job. When the Whites leave town, to fight off the Reds, the Reds go looking for the countess...

I thought Chaney gave a emotional performance through a wonderfully transforming makeup job. His character is rude, dirty and sometimes evil, but.. by the end of the film you find yourself sympathizing with him. Bedford, is wonderful as the Countess Alexandrova, his love interest.


  1. Awww, glad to see you do one of these again Dawn. And I agree on the similar look of the two women. Great choice. I hope to do one soon ok?

  2. And I love your new Betty Boop background design. Very nice.

  3. Monty, Thank you. The "look likes' are always fun to put together. I will be looking forward to seeing who you come up with.


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