Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Betty Boop
 I found this really cute Betty Boop background that I wanted to add to my blog.. And.. in doing so.. I lost almost everything on my side bar.. It will take me a few days to try and get things they way they once were.. I did not think it would turn into "Betty Bloop". :(


  1. Ouch. Sorry about that, Dawn.

  2. Well, it's very cute, but I'm so sorry you lost almost your entire blog. It's always such a pain to try and reconstruct everything.

    Again, thanks so much for the award. I'm hoping to get a chance to do it tomorrow.

  3. You know, I made a small change on one of my blog pages the other day and lost nearly all of it. I managed to reconstruct it, but I lost all the links I had embedded.

    I wonder if some new problem is up with blogger ...

  4. Oh no.. I lost all 50 something favorite Blogs.. That will be the first thing I work on..

  5. haha! "Betty Bloop" - love that!

    Don't love that you have trouble with your blog now because of that.. - but it sure looks terrific - just in case this is a bit of a comfort for you..

  6. Your new Betty Boop...errr, Bloop...background is cute! Sometimes Blogger seems so easy and user-friendly - and other times it's impossible.

  7. Do you have any idea how JEALOUS I am right now? Why didn't I see this first?! This gorgeous red, the design, Betty Bloop(LOL) -- this is spectacular looking! It's worth the trouble! You dog, you! You always find the most beautiful designs. How about giving me hand -- I'm tired of mine! Really!

  8. The design looks really great! I love it.

    I have also lost everything in my sidebars over the years. Twice. That included the blogroll, which I was using at the time as my own personal RSS feed. I never could remember all the blogs that had been on the blogroll before it went missing.

  9. Rachel, Thank you. :)

    Patti, Thank you. I have things almost back to the way they were.

    I can not wait to see your five blog picks.

    Irene Palfy, Thank you.. I'm glad that it was worth the change.

    The Lady Eve, Whew... It is not as bad as I first thought..

    ClassicBecky, Thank you. I would love to help you change your page background.. What topic did you have in mind?

  10. Dawn, I really would like that. Would you be willing to give up Bette and let me have her? LOL! Really, though, I'll have to think of a theme, and when I do maybe you could guide me. I know how to design my own, but not how to pick up a specific theme like you did. Any suggestions? You know my blog and what I write, etc. Email me!

  11. I do like the new layout Dawn and personally I find the black text on white background a lot easier to read.
    Thanks for keeping me on your blogroll as well, it's a real honour to be associated with Noir And Chick Flicks!

  12. Paul, I'm so sorry that I missed reading your comment.

    Thank you and it is a real honour to have you in my blogroll. Thank you for being such a good blogger friend.


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