Monday, August 29, 2011

Anne Francis.

Anne Francis (September 16, 1930 – January 2, 2011), Francis was a former model and Broadway actress who made her film debut in, This Time for Keeps (1947). In her early film career, she played supporting roles in films such as: Susan Slept Here, So Young So Bad, and Bad Day at Black Rock. Her first leading role was in, Blackboard Jungle (1955). Where Glenn Ford, plays Richard Dadier, an incoming English teacher at North Manual High School. An idealist who stands his ground and earns the respect of the school thugs. Anne Francis, plays his pregnant wife. The film was nominated for four Oscars.

Anne Francis. maybe best known for her role in, Forbidden Planet. playing the  innocent  blond romanced by Leslie Nielsen.

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  1. Wonderful blog! thank you very much for the info. Beautiful and fantastic photos!!!! hugs!!Yay.

  2. I love Anne, and always wished I had that pretty mole she had when I was a kid! She was beautiful and talented. That top picture is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Anne used to write a revealing and touching blog. Once she wrote about her experience auditioning for the TV show "Without a Trace". I could only keep shaking my head thinking "You're Anne Francis, for the love of all that's holy! Why would you have to audition?!" By the way, she got the part.

  4. Dawn, we of Team Bartilucci have been Anne Francis fans since we first saw FORBIDDEN PLANET on TV during our respective childhoods on Long Island (New York, Nassau County) and the Bronx (me). As I was watching BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK again on TCM today, it suddenly hit me that Anne and John Ericson had played brother and sister in that film, and in the 1960s they played detective partners on TV's HONEY WEST (which is being shown on MeTV as of this writing)! So versatile! :-) Nice post!

  5. Meriyay, Thank you for your kind words. You also, have a beautiful blog. Thank you, for stopping by.

    ClassicBecky, Anne.. reminds me a little of a Barbie doll.

    Caftan Woman, Wow.. that is surprising bit of info.

    DorianTB, Thank you. Believe it or not I have not seen many Anne Francis, movies. Yesterday, I watched for the first time, The Great American Pastime(1956). A story about a family man and lawer, who gets more than he bargained for when he takes over a Little team. It was pretty good. C


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